Top 10: Roof bags

Need extra storage for holidays but don’t want to buy a second garage to store a roof box? Try one of these roof bags that can swallow your stuff and be packed away more easily.


Koolertron 450L

The biggest capacity bag in this least but also the cheapest, the Koolertron 450L can swallow an impressive 450 litres of your kit. Made from 600 denier Nylon Oxford means it is a little thinner than some other bags, but that also means it is very light at 2.84kg.

Six cinch straps secure it to your car and there is an anti-scratch and slip-resistant layer on the bottom to keep it in place and avoid damaging paintwork.


AmazonBasics Rooftop Cargo Carrier

This inexpensive bag from Amazon has more than just an attractive price tag going for it. With 425 litres of storage capability it offers significantly more than many comparable products, and uses a simple set of eight cinch straps to secure it to your vehicle’s roof bars.

It comes with a storage case and folds down to take up less room, while the seams and zips are weather-protected for peace of mind. It also comes with an AmazonBasics one-year warranty.

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AmazonBasics Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag, Black, 425 litres


BougeRV Cargo Bag

This Cargo Bag from BougeRV promises strong, reliable performance and is clearly designed with tough conditions in mind. The zippers are waterproof sealed and covered with a flap.

Seams are melted for strength and the bag itself is made from 1000 denier PVC, which BougeRV say is five times as durable as Nylon Oxford. There’s 425 litres of space, and this is designed for larger vehicles so check the dimensions before purchase.


Green Valley Sherpack 158002

A smart and compact offering from Green Valley, the Sherpack has a capacity of 270 litres and can carry up to 50kg in weight and is currently showing strong ratings from Amazon customer reviews.

Weighting a modest 3.8kg and able to fold down for storage, the Sherpack is double-layered for protection against the elements, has its own carry case and metal reinforcements for security.

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Green Valley Sherpack 158002 Folding Roof Box


Oxbound Roof Rack Cargo Bag

This roof bag from Oxbound makes some bold claims in the accompanying blurb, saying it is ‘the preferred bag for anyone who is awesome and for anyone who wants to be awesome.’

But don’t let that put you off - this model claims 100 per cent waterproof capabilities, holds 425 litres of your kit, has bigger buckles and straps to ensure security and comes with a roof mat to sit underneath it and a duffel bag for it to go in when not in use. Sounds pretty awesome actually.

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Fischer 126000

This roof bag from Austrian brand Fischer is made out of water-repellent polyamide material with a strong zip and sealed seams for a high level of weather protection, and unlike some other offerings has metal supports along its base for secure mounting on any rail system.

There is 270 litres of capacity available and it can handle up to 50kg in weight, and folds down to a quarter of its width and height to store in its purpose-designed bag.

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Fischer 126000 foldable, highly stable, water-resistant roof box 270 litres, with storage bag


TTLife roof bag

One of the more expensive options here, the TTLife sticks with the more typical Nylon Oxford material for the outside but the 1680 denier should deliver a high level of water protection, with an element of hand finishing for security.

A sponge-lined spine of this roof bag ensures that your car roof won’t get damaged even if you load it up to its 70kg capacity.


Summit Black Roof Bag

Sitting in a space between roof bags and roof boxes, this Summit model is made from a semi-rigid foam-like fabric called XPE. The good news is that XPE is waterproof, offers good heat insulation and is resistant to ageing and variations in temperature, which makes it ideal roof bag material.

It offers 280 litres of storage, can still be folded down like a cloth bag and even offers a degree of impact protection.


Hapro Softbox

Far from a cheap option, the Hapro Softbox comes with the reassurance of a TÜV certificate and five-year guarantee, promising sturdy construction and a long life. It is heavier than many bags weighing in at 13kg, but this has the advantage of allowing the Softbox to kept on the roof even when empty, unlike many other roof bags.

Also included are two padlocks, a bespoke storage bag and a zipper that can divide up the storage area.

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Hapro - Softbox roof box 375 Liters


Thule Ranger 500

Slimmer than many of the roof bags listed here but still offering 300 litres of storage, the Ranger 500 comes from the well-respected Thule brand. With an overall length of 190cm and width of 50cm it is better suited to carrying sports equipment like skis and snowboards, although it has a series of internal zips so you can secure smaller loads with ease.

It also features the Thule Easy-Snap system for quick and secure mounting.

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Thule 603500 Ranger Roof Boxes Regular/ Foldable