Do Faraday wallets really work to stop keyless theft?

I have a new keyless entry car. On a dealer's recommendation, I bought an RFID wallet which is supposed to block the radio signals. However, I can unlock the car with the key in the pouch in my pocket. But wrapping the key in a single layer of aluminium foil is effective. So I tested my neighbours RFID wallet - different make but the same result. I conclude that they do not block the radio signals and so are as good as useless. Are all such wallets the same?
The metal within the wallet should act as a Faraday bag, effectively doing the same job as the aluminium foil - which suggests there's an issue with the bag sealing. We've tested the Monojoy faraday bag on multiple keyless entry cars and it's always worked flawlessly, but the wallets/bags don't block signal if there's any kind of opening. Therefore, if the velcro isn't fully closed up, or there's a hole on the metal interior layer, or the key is put inside the wrong part of the pouch (which some people do) then it doesn't work as it should. Our review is here:
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