Review: Disklok steering lock
reviewed 12 Jul 2018 by David Ross





Full cover steering wheel security lock

Three different size options

Endorsed by Thatcham for the last two decades

What is it?

In a time of smartphone-linked immobilisers and GPS trackers, the Disklok is an old-school way to protect your car from thieves. It's essentially a large reinforced steel disc that you lock around your steering wheel. Even if someone breaks into your car and starts the engine, they would not be able to steer it as the disc spins around. The lock comes with three keys and replacement keys are available from Disklok should you lose yours. 

There are three sizes - small, medium and large - so it will suit most cars as well as pick-ups, vans and campervans. To protect your steering wheel there's an extra cover you can buy (£5.99) plus a carry storage bag for the Disklok itself for £9.99.

What's it like?

When you first fit the Disklok, it's a fairly cumbersome process, not helped by how heavy and hard to hold it is. Made from reinforced steel it weighs in at 4.5kg so is not what you'd call light. However, it doesn't take long to get proficient at fitting it.

Hinged at the bottom, you unfold it before bringing the two halves together around your steering wheel and folding the locking arm into place. Then you simply push the spring-loaded locking pin in and push the lock barrel down - you don't need the key for this bit so it's worth double checking you have it on you first...

How easy it is depends on the design of your car - you have to be careful to not smack the locking arm against the windscreen when you flip it into place. We found that dropping the steering column down helped a lot. You need to be mindful when taking the disklok off your steering wheel as well, or you might find your fingers trapped between the various metal sections that slide to fit together.

The small size will work for pretty much all cars, even Peugeot models with their diddy steering wheels, but you have to be careful if your car is fitted with paddle shifts on the steering wheel as it may not fit over them.

Our pictures show it on a Ford Fiesta, but we also tested it on a Mercedes C-Class, Mazda CX-5 and Audi Q2 with no issues. It's worth buying the elasticated steering wheel cover (it's only £6) especially if you have a leather steering wheel, as it stops the Disklok marking it. 

Disklok recommends storing it in the boot. You wouldn't want one of these on the back seats in the event of an accident. The carry case is handy for this, but in an empty boot, it still tends to slid around all over the place. Plus of course it's taking up a considerable amount of space and the weight won't do your fuel economy any favours.

Should I buy one?

While it's not the most sleek solution to car security - nor the most modern - there's no denying that the Disklok is very effective, especially against opportunist car thieves or joy riders who won't want the hassle and will move onto another car. 

It can be tricky to fit at first - and it's heavy - but it soon becomes something that only takes a couple of minutes to do. If you're always running late or in a rush you'll find it a hassle, but those few minutes could prove the difference between someone stealing your car or not. It's a useful deterrent if you have to leave your car in let's say 'undesirable' locations for extended periods of time. Similarly for vans and pick-ups - always a favourite of criminals. 

For older and classic cars that don't have modern alarms or immobilisers, the Disklok is a good way to prevent someone stealing your pride and joy, especially if you have something that thieves are keen to target, like a Land Rover Defender. It's also a good extra measure if you have a motorhome which is parked up for several weeks or months at a time.

Buy it now

Disklok Gold Security Edition Car Steering Wheel Full Cover Anti- Angle Grinder Anti-Theft Lock Police Approved (Silver, Small 35cm - 39cm)

Pros Simple but very effective car security device A strong deterrent for car thieves Comes with three keys
Cons Heavy and cumbersome to fit Takes up a lot of space in the boot Care needs taken so fingers don't get trapped


Dimensions: 50cm x 20cm x 20cm

Sizes: Small (35 to 38.9 cm), Medium (39 - 41.5cm) and Large (41.5 - 44cm)

Weight: 4.5kg

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