Mowers & garden equipment

Hyundai 3-in-1 vacuum, leaf blower and mulcher

What is it? This 3000W garden tool from Hyundai is an electric leaf blower, vacuum and mulcher. It has a detachable 45-litre mulching bag to contain the leaves and grass that it vacuums up, reducing garden debris to one-tenth of its original volume - meaning it takes up less space in your wheelie bin. The two front wheels allow easy manoeuvrability and control, while the nine-position telescopic chute can be extended from 70cm to...

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CF Moto 650 GT

Price Rider comfort Ease of use

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Car care and maintenance

Ring High Power Micro Jump Starter

Compact and lightweight so can be kept in a glovebox Holds its charge well over time Includes two USB ports so can be used as a powerbank

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Dash cams

Review: Nextbase 522GW dash camera

The 522GW is the top spec, updated incarnation of the 512GW in Nextbase's brand-new dash cam range...

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