Husqvarna Aspire H50-P4A hedge trimmer
reviewed 5 Apr 2024 by Phil Hall






50cm long cutting deck

Automatic shutdown

18V battery system

What is it?

Corded electric hedge trimmers can be a right faff to use, especially if your hedging is a good distance from a power socket. Not only that, but as you try and manoeuvre the trimmer there's always a risk you could snag the lead and kill the trimmer dead. 

That's where cordless electric trimmers like this Husqvarna Aspire H50-P4A come in. Without the restrictions of a cable, cordless hedge trimmers are much more versatility and easier to use - how many times have you put off trimming your hedge because you can't be bothered to set everything up?

The Husqvarna Aspire H50-P4A uses a Lithium Ion 18V battery - our comes with a 2.5 Ah battery and charger for £199, though it can be purchased for £139.99 as a standalone trimmer. And this is important, as the Aspire H50-P4A has been designed around the 'Power for all Alliance' battery system, which means batteries are cross-compatible with another ten plus manufacturers (this includes Bosch, Gardena, Flymo and Wagner). The philosophy is that you don't end up with multiple battery packs (and chargers) that can only be used on one device/brand - for instance, if you already have a Gardena lawnmower that uses the system, you can use the batteries on the Aspire H50-P4A. It also means you can keep the cost down as well. 

The Husqvarna Aspire H50-P4A has a long 50cm long cutting deck and is designed to tackle branches up to 23mm thick, while there's also a removable leaf catcher. 

What's it like?

Out of the box and the Husqvarna Aspire H50-P4A couldn't be easier to set up. As our test sample came with a battery and charger, we charged the battery up and it took a little over an hour before it was fully charged. 

Once the battery was clipped into place on the rear of the trimmer chassis and you're good to go. Weighing just over 3kg (without a battery) and with a total length just under 100cm, it's easy to pick up and manoeuvre when cutting. It's also nice and easy to hold - there's a tactile soft grip handle that makes it pretty comfy to hold and direct the cutting blade. 

The Husqvarna Aspire H50-P4A gives an impressive performance for its size - the long 50cm blade and wide 23mm tooth spacing means its more than happy trimming a variety of hedging, from young growth to more established bushes. The removable leaf catcher is a nice touch - it'll catch plenty of debris that'll save you having to sweep up later.

As well as this, it's pretty quiet in use and shouldn't annoy the neighbours, while the three-stage battery status is easy to see when working outside. Finally, when you're finished there's a neat hook bundled in the box that you can to attach to your garage or shed wall to store it out of the way. 

One thing to remember though is avoid cutting hedges during the main breeding season for garden birds (between March and August). It's always a good idea to check for nests, whatever the time of year - remember, it's an offence to intentionally damage or destroy active bird nests under UK law.

Should I buy one?  

The Husqvarna Aspire H50-P4A is a great cordless electric hedge trimmer. Granted, there are more affordable options out there, but the 'Power for all Alliance' battery system means that if you're planning to invest (or already have) in other cordless devices using this system, the price point becomes more attractive.

Overall the Aspire H50-P4A very nicely made, has a comprehensive set of features and handles well. A high-performing hedge trimmer for everyday cutting tasks. 

Pros Part of the Power For All Alliance battery system Easily visible battery level indicator Versatile wide tooth spacing Leaf catcher
Cons Blade guard could be easier to attach


Battery type: Lithium Ion

Battery voltage: 18V

Knife length: 50cm

Teeth opening: 23cm

Length: 97.6cm

Weight: 3.1kg

Sound power level: 97dB(A)

Equivalent vibration level: 2.26 - 2.48m/s

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