Top 10: Dash cams under £50

As can be seen elsewhere on Honest John Kit, you can spend anything from £7.50 to £600 on a dash cam - which means plenty of choice and varying quality. Here are ten dash cams that are inexpensive rather than budget, costing between £20 and £50.


Yi Smart Dash Cam

Yi's Smart dash cam records in Full HD 1080P at 60fps or 1296P at 30fps. It also registers an impressive 4.5 stars from the 318 reviewers on Amazon, suggesting a good chance of satisfaction for your hard-earned £39.

The 2.7-inch dash camera has a G-sensor to automatically save those heavy braking incidents, night vision and 165-degree wide angle camera to record three lanes of traffic in one go.

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YI Dash Cam 1080p 60fps, 165° Wide Angle Car DVR Dashboard Camera Night Vision Video Recorder with WDR, G-sensor, Loop Recording and Motion Detection


Bnoia, 170 degree

Give the Bnoia its full name and for free you get the entire list of functions – so that’s 1080P full HD capability with a 2.7-inch screen, a 170-degree field of vision, a G-sensor and night vision. It also claims to have an auto on/off function. You’ll also recognise its design, which is so popular that it seems unlikely that two examples share the same brand.

Reviews are mixed from owners, with several saying that the image quality isn’t up to much, and it is not capable of reading number plates until the car is very close up. Others are more happy with it, though. Amazon appears to have dropped the 140-degree version of this cam too.

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Car Dash Cam Camera 1080P HD 170° Wide Angle Car Video Recorder 2.7" Screen Night Vision Motion Detection G-Sensor Loop Recording (Dashcam-1)


Accfly Dash Cam

Accfly offer several dash cams including cheaper options, but the key here is that this example comes with a rear-facing lens too. The 2.7-inch screen stretches across most of the rear of the camera and claims that it can capture good nighttime footage thanks to its six-layered lens.

A 360-degree adjustable clamp means that it should be easy to get it set up at the appropriate angle, while a 140-degree wide angle lens means it should be able to see across the width of the road and beyond. Better yet, the reviews look strong with an average of four stars from almost 400 buyers.

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Accfly 2.7-inch Screen 1080P HD Video Recorder DVR Dual Lens Car Dash Camera


Pruveeo F5

The Pruveeo F5 doesn’t look like other dash cams, thanks to its long, thin body, which attaches to the windscreen via a series of stickers. There is a small dial on the side for adjusting the lens angle, but it is a lot less flexible than a simple sucker clamp.

The F5 claims to come with a wifi connection, which is a feature not normally seen on cameras of this price. It has a 170-degree wide lens angle too, and can be paired with a rear-facing camera for an extra cost.

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Pruveeo F5 Dash Cam with WiFi, Discreet Design Dash Camera for Cars, Car Driving Recorder DVR


Pruveeo MX2

The Pruveeo MX2 is another inexpensive camera offering twin cameras, but the rear-facing element will not be for everyone. It is a single piece unit that attaches to the windscreen, so the backwards-facing camera only films the cabin and its occupants. This might be useful for taxi drivers looking for a budget camera, but it won’t be much good for those looking for a camera to pick up on accidents behind the vehicle.

The front facing camera might not be good enough quality for many, either, as it is only 720P at 30 frames per second.

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Pruveeo MX2 Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Camera for Cars, 240 Degree Wide Angle Driving Recorder DVR


Senwow In Car Dash Cam Camera 1080p

Currently heavily discounted, Senwow offer this same camera with different sized memory cards, although by virtue of some quirk of the internet this version bundled with an 8GB card is actually cheaper than one without any card at all. Still, choose this version at £31 and you're all set.

The Senwow ticks the boxes you’d expect, with 1080p recording and a 140-degree lens, and if you put faith in Amazon reviewers almost 80% of them gave it five out of five stars. It’s also one of the few cameras at this price to come with a 12-month warranty, which is always reassuring.


Jinwode Rear View Mirror Dual Lens Camera

We’ve given you the edited highlights of this dashcam’s full name but they key points here are that you get a front and rear camera, with the former designed to fit over your existing rear-view mirror, making it something of a bargain – especially as the former price was a significant £129.99.

Fitment of the front camera is reportedly a cinch, although this very much depends on your particular car; if it’s younger than five years or so or has automatic wipers you may find the rear-view mirror is too bulky. The rear camera is waterproof and comes with over five meters of cable, and simply plugs into the front camera to receive power.

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In Car Camera Dash Cam Full HD 1296P with Sony 323 Sensor 170 Wide Angle Night Vision Shockproof Dashboard Video Recorder Camera Built In WDR Loop Recording G-Sensor Included 16GB SD Card and Car Charger (G6)


Ring RBGDC50

Ring have been around for over 40 years as a car accessories brand but have recently branched out into dashcams. The RBGDC50 is its mid-level offering, and amongst the usual features you'd expect to see it has motion detection and a G sensor for automatic footage capture, with 1080p recording via a wide-angle lens.

The RBGDC50 is of a decent quality, easy to use and produces usable footage. If you’re looking for a straightforward, serviceable unit from a known brand, this should do the job.

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RING RBGDC50 Compact HD 2.7in Dash Camera



The DR01 dash cam is a relatively new product by AUKEY, a technology company who are known mostly for designing in-car chargers. It has a Sony image sensor that can record at a maximum of 1080p (30fps), or at a faster 60fps and 720p, a Motion Detection mode so it can monitor your vehicle while it's parked and even a Time-Lapse recording feature.

It doesn't offer the same level of detail as many of the higher quality dash cams, but the footage is good enough that you can read number plates, and despite a few design niggles it can take care of the key functions at a decent price.

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AUKEY Dash Cam Full HD 1080P Car Camera 6-Lane 170° Wide Angle, Supercapacitor, WDR Night Vision Dashboard Camera with G-Sensor, Loop Recording and Dual-Port Car Charger


SuperEye Dash Cam

Previously retailing at a significant £169.99, the SuperEye is one of the cameras at the higher end of this bracket to boast of a Sony sensor, which you’d reasonably expect to deliver quality footage at 1080p as well as ‘make your car and life more safer.’

Elsewhere on the spec sheet the SuperEye offers eight LEDs for its night vision facility rather than the more common six, and also claims ‘Wide Dynamic Range’ which should ensure you get clearer images regardless of the amount of ambient light.

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SuperEye Dash Cam Car Camera Night Vision Car Video Recorder In Car Dashcam 1080P Full HD Dashboard Camera with 170° Wide Angle G-Sensor Parking Monitor WDR Motion Detection Loop Recording


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