Top 10: Best roof boxes

Holiday season means long journeys with a car packed to the roof, so the idea of attaching a roof box and boosting the available space is a highly appealing one. Here's our guide to the best roof boxes on the market at any price.

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Halfords 250L grey roof box

Halford’s 250-litre roof box is inexpensive, yet still offers the key features buyers demand. The grey finish is less appealing than the more common black of other boxes, but it has a usefully tall body to help squeeze in larger items up to the maximum weight limit of 50kg.


Thule Ocean 200 roof box

The Ocean 200 Roof Box can carry 50kg of luggage and provides a whopping 450 litres of additional luggage space. It's the largest in the range and, finished in in gloss black, looks very premium in shape and style. It opens from the passenger's side of the car and comes with 480mm wide roof bar brackets and luggage straps. You attach the box to the roof via wing bars and a fitting kit, which cost extra. 

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Thule 690202 Ocean 200 Glossy Roof Box, Black


Exodus 580L Black roof box

You might not recognise the Exodus name. That's because it's a sub-brand of Halfords, designed to compete with the flashier roof boxes you get from Thule and Kamei. It stands up to that test too, looking sleek and attractive with its gloss finish, and can hold an impressive 580 litres within its aerodynamic shape.


Thule Motion XT Sport

The Motion XT Sport is part of the Motion XT range which also includes bigger boxes - M, XL, XXL - the latter of which has a total of 610 litres. This Sport version gives you an extra 300 litres of carrying space. A big selling point that we like a lot if the lack of wind noise because of the aerodynamics. 

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Thule 629600 Roof Boxes Motion XT Sport, Titan Glossy, gray


Halfords 420L grey roof box

Aerodynamic in design to reduce wind resistance and noise, the Halfords 420-litre roof box is built with ABS and UV protected material so it's scratch-resistant and protected from cracking. Like the other Halfords options, it opens from one side with a spring lid and uses the U-bolt fitting system. Dimensions are 174.5cm x 82.9cm x 39.7cm.

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Thule Force XT Sport

The XT Sport is the smallest in the Force range and offers an extra 300 litres of carrying capacity. The Force ranges progress through medium and large up to the XL which can swallow 500 litres. Thule describes the XT Sport as a 'versatile box for everyday use' and it comes with the same PowerClick quick-mount system as the Motion range as well as dual side opening - meaning it can be opened from either the right or left. It has a locking system to keep contents safe and comes in a matte black finish as opposed to the gloss finish of the Motion range.

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Thule 629600 Roof Boxes Motion XT Sport, Titan Glossy, gray


Junior 420L roof box

This is a slick and expensive-looking roof box from Italian brand Junior, yet it only costs £180. This 420-litre roof box is made from UV protected Polystyrene and comes in two easy to assemble pieces. Fitment is the typical U-bolt (with a 60mm maximum) and max load is 50kg.


Thule Touring S

The Thule Touring S roof box adds 330 litres of additional luggage space to your car. The Touring roof box range itself comes in a number of sizes. The S tested here is small, with M and L choices in 400 litre and 420 litre capacities respectively. There’s a Sport model too, at 300 litres and an Alpine at 420 litres, both being longer and suited to housing sports equipment like skis and snowboards.

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Thule Touring 780

Thule are a long-established manufacturer of roof boxes and assorted carrying kit and offer a huge range of products. The Touring 780 Titan (also labelled Touring M) sits roughly in the middle of the range, but offers a generous 420 litres of storage and can swallow a set of skis up to 180cm in length. It also comes with central locking and a five-year guarantee.


Thule Excellence XT

Few roof boxes could sit comfortably atop a £100,000 Range Rover, but Thule’s Excellence XT could pull it off. The two-tone exterior is super-slick and the aero design still swallows 470 litres and up to 75kg. It also retains Thule’s excellent Power Click system so you can secure it with only one hand and not over-tighten.

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