Top 10: Roof boxes under £200

If you’ve spent all your holiday money on camping equipment and inflatable unicorns you might suddenly find your car is no longer big enough. Fear not, here are ten roof boxes that will swallow your extra kit all for less than £200.

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Halfords 250L

Halford’s 250-litre roof box is inexpensive, yet still offers the key features buyers demand. The grey finish is less appealing than the more common black of other boxes, but it has a usefully tall body to help squeeze in larger items up to the maximum weight limit of 50kg.


Thule Ocean 80 (320L)

If you have a small car and want a roof box that takes up a minimum of space then the Thule Ocean 80 with a 320-litre loading capacity might be just the one for you. Max load is 50kg.


Halfords 320L grey roof box

The Halfords 320L roof box features scratch-resistant  ABS and UV protected material so it's strong and protected from cracking or becoming brittle. Perfectly sized for a small family, the spring lid stays open on its own with a single side opening and basic U-bolt mounting system. The roof box fits Square or Aero Roof Bars and dimensions are 140.2cm x 90.9cm x 35cm.


Junior 420L roof box

This is a slick and expensive-looking roof box from Italian brand Junior, yet it only costs £180. This 420-litre roof box is made from UV protected Polystyrene and comes in two easy to assemble pieces. Fitment is the typical U-bolt (with a 60mm maximum) and max load is 50kg.


ArtPlast Car Trunk

The honestly-titled Car Trunk by ArtPlast certainly looks the part with a carbonfibre-effect lid, even if it the price means it is actually made from tough polypropylene instead. There's 320 litres of space available inside, with the popular U-bracket fitment meaning it should attach to almost any roof bar arrangement with ease. At 11kg in weight, it's easy to handle too.

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VDP MAA320 roof box 320

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, the VDP range of roof boxes has only one offering under our notional £150 barrier. However, you still get plenty of attractive features despite the low price, including a 50kg payload and 320 litres of space as well as a central locking system to keep your cargo secure.


G3 Reef 270 roof box

This G3 roof box is closer to square than the more common rectangular shape, making it well suited to smaller cars. It has a useful 220 litres of storage space on offer, the supplied universal fitting kit works with bars up to 90mm wide and it weighs just 9.95kg (making it one of the lighter boxes on the market).

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Halfords 420L grey roof box

Aerodynamic in design to reduce wind resistance and noise, the Halfords 420-litre roof box is built with ABS and UV protected material so it's scratch-resistant and protected from cracking. Like the other Halfords options, it opens from one side with a spring lid and uses the U-bolt fitting system. Dimensions are 174.5cm x 82.9cm x 39.7cm.


Halfords 360L roof box

The perfect solution for those that want something sized between a 320L or 420L roof box, the Halfords 360-litre roof box is scratch-resistant and uses the basic U-bolt mounting system. For security, the key can't be removed unless the box is locked either. Dimensions: 190cm x 63.9cm x 35.3cm


Rax roof box

The Rax roof box isn't the most attractive option, but it offers 320L capacity with a max load of 50kg and a lock with key and safety mechanism at the front and back, opening with spring. Dimensions: 1,310 mm length x 780 mm width x 380 mm height.

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RAX K0381644R Roof Box/11â kg, 320Â L Kapazitã ¤ t – Dark Grey


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