Top 10: Dash cams under £100 2020

There's plenty on offer for £50-£100 in the dash cam market. Check out our top 10 picks when it comes to quality, reliability and functionality.

Top 10: Dash cams under £50 | Top 10: Dash cams for under £200


Nextbase 222

The 222 is one of the more affordable models in the new generation of Nextbase dash cams. Priced at £69, it may not have all the features of its more expensive counterparts but it still records in 1080p high definition (at 30fps) whereas the cheaper 122 only records at 720p. What it doesn't have is GPS so it won't record your location or your speed. There's no WiFi either, so you can't watch - or send - the footage directly from your phone.

There is however a much improved magnetic mount, plus either both an adhesive or suction mount included, giving you the choice of how to attach it your windscreen. The Intelligent Parking Mode switches on automatically when the car ignition is turned off and will record for three minutes if the G sensor registers any movement.

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Nextbase 222 Dash Cam Full 1080p/30fps HD Recording In Car DVR Camera- 140° 6 lane Wide Viewing Angle- Polarising Filter Compatible- Intelligent Parking Mode- Loop Records- G-Sensor- Magnetic Mount


Garmin Mini

The Garmin Mini captures 1080p HD footage with a 140-degree lens in a dash camera about as small as a car key. The Mini also offers Wi-Fi connectivity to upload saved footage to your smartphone via the Garmin Drive app and Bluetooth.

The dash cam accepts micro SD cards from 8GB to 256GB (class 10), which is sold separately. Considering the tiny dash cam is £99, it could be argued that it doesn't offer a whole lot for the outlay - however, if you have limited windscreen space (say, a convertible) or don't want a dash camera obstruction your view at all, the Mini is ideal as it attaches directly onto the back of your rear-view mirror. Review coming soon.


YI Ultra Dash Cam

The YI Ultra Dash Camera offers a number of appealing features. It has a maximum 1520p resolution at 30fps - compared to 1080p for many dashcams - and is fitted with a large aperture f1.9 lens with a wide angle of 140 degrees - which promises a good performance in dark conditions and a wide field of view.

It also includes a number of useful and desirable functions such as playback through your smartphone via an app, a three-axis sensor for automatic storing of incidents and voice control. There’s a large 2.7 inch colour screen at the rear controlled by a series of small buttons along its base.

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Azdome GS63H

While Azdome may not be a familiar name to many, the GS63H is a superb camera for the money. Given the price, it outperforms more expensive dash cams from many well-known brands, both in terms of features and the footage it captures.

Easy to set up, the GS63H is a camera you can leave in your car and not have to worry about. As soon as turn on the ignition it starts recording and you can forget about it. You can also set the screen to turn off when you're driving to make it less distracting - a little lights tells you it's still recording. With GPS, WiFi, an easy to use app and reliable software that works well, the GS63H is a great dash cam and one that's easy to recommend.

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4K Ultra HD Dash Cam, AZDOME Car Camera 4K GPS WiFi Dash Camera with 170 Degree Wide Angle, Night Vision, G-Sensor, Loop Recording, Parking Monitor, Sony Sensor, WDR Car Video Recorder(GS63H)


Mio MiVue C320

The C320 is fairly basic for a camera under £100, but for your money you'll get a reputable brand name like Mio, 1080P Full HD @ 30fps recording and the use of the MiVue Manager desktop application so you can watch and share your videos. The C320 comes with a suction mount, which is very useful if you'll be moving it between vehicles.

There's a two-inch display screen, although it does look a little old-fashion compared to rivalling dash cams - even the YI Smart which is cheaper and offers the same footage quality.

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Vava Dash Cam

The Vava Dash Cam makes use of a bespoke app which, when you connect your phone to the camera, primarily allows you to quickly preview, download and share captured footage.

Despite the comparatively low price tag, the Vava is also a 1080p, 60fps HD dash cam with GPS and a G-sensor for automatic footage capture when mobile or parked.

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Vantrue OnDash N1

The small dimensions of the N1 make it ideal if you want an unobtrusive dash cam. It films in 1080p at 30fps — a standard we've now come to expect from all but the cheapest dashcams — and features a Sony sensor, designed to make footage at night better, along with a 160-degree wide-angle lens. Other features include a 24-hour parking mode and collision detection when turned off.

While we like the look and feel of the N1 - and we certainly have no complaints about the footage - the £65 price tag combined with a lack of GPS and WiFi means it's hard to recommend. True you can add GPS, but it's an extra £20. There are plenty of dash cams that record in the same (or an even higher) resolution for considerably less money. The YI Smart immediately springs to mind while the Azdome GS63H is not only cheaper but also comes with more features as standard.

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Nextbase 322GW

The 322GW features GPS to record your speed and location, WiFi to watch and send the footage directly from your phone, and Intelligent Parking Mode. It also offers a number of more impressive features like Emergency SOS and Alexa voice assistance. Resolution is 1080p HD at 60fps with a 140-degree viewing angle.

The 322GW is also compatible with the Nextbase Rear-View Camera Modules so you can keep an eye on passengers or what's happening behind you - which is ideal in case you're rear-ended and want to prove it wasn't your fault.  

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Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam Full 1080p/60fps HD Recording In Car DVR Camera- 140° Front- Wi-fi, GPS, Bluetooth- SOS Emergency Response- Night Vision- Auto Loop Records- Polarising Filter Compatible


Azdome M06

For a little over £70 (at the time of writing), the dash cam comes with GPS, Parking Mode and WiFi.  Despite being advertised as 4K, the M06 actually records in 2880 x 2160p. True 4K resolution needs to be 3840 × 2160p. However, footage quality is above average at 2160p at 24fps (frames per second) - considering that standard resolution is 1080p and high-quality dash cams, like the Garmin 66W and Nextbase 522GW, shoot at around 1440p.

With WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), the Azdome M06 can also produce higher quality videos at night, with things like headlights, streetlights etc causing less overexposure so you can read licence plates better. The GS63H has a parking mode with a motion sensor too, so the camera will switch on and start recording if the camera is moved or jolted.

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Apeman C860 Dual

Apeman's C860 offers 1440P at 30fps video resolution or, with the rear camera connected, 1080P from both dash cams. It also features parking monitor to keep an eye on your car when you aren't driving, 150-degree wide-angle lens, a 2.7-inch LCD screen and driver fatigue alerts.

It also comes with a 12-month warranty for extra peace of mind.

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