Top 10: Dashcams under £100 2019

How much you want to pay for a dashcam is entirely a personal decision, but if you put functionality and quality above price we can recommend cameras in the £50 to £100 range.


Blueskysea B1W dash cam

Conveniently sneaking over the £50 mark, the Blueskysea B1W takes a bold but clever alternative approach by ditching the display screen altogether. That makes the B1W genuinely small – just 90mm x 29mm x 38mm, so you should have no issues tucking it out of sight behind your rear-view mirror.

The built-in WiFi allows you to connect your smartphone to the B1W so you can review footage and alter the settings, and the B1W also uses large capacitors rather than a lithium-ion battery which Blueskysea says works better in hot environments.

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Blueskysea B1W WiFi Mini Dash cam Car Camera Vehicle Video Recorder 360 Degree Rotatable Lens 1080p 30fps G-Sensor Loop Recording


Azdome GS63H

Down at the lower end of our price bracket is the Azdome GS63H. Adzome isn't a familiar name when it comes to dash cams and you probably won't be surprised to learn this is another Chinese firm that sells mainly through Amazon. However, the website looks far more professional than many other dash cam brands from the Far East. It retails at around £75 but we've never seen it for more than £60.

It comes with an impressive specification for the price with GPS, WiFi, motion detection, a Sony sensor camera and the ability to capture footage in 4K Ultra HD. There's also a companion app - called rather unfortunately 'LuckyCam' - which lets you view any footage, plus save it to your phone, share it or email the file to someone.

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4K Ultrta HD Dash Cam - AZDOME Built in GPS WiFi 2160P Car Camera 170 Degree Wide Angle View, Car Video Recorder with Night Vision,G-Sensor,Loop Recording,Parking Monitor,Sony Sensor WDR for Uber Lyft


FUNANASUN Wifi Ball Dash Cam

Skipping the full title, the FUNANASUN Wifi Ball Dash is another dashcam that takes the usual approach and chucks it out the window. Firstly it skips the display screen approach and goes for the app interface, allowing it to be small; the diameter of the spherical main body is only 58mm. It also allows you to swivel the camera through 360 degrees and point it any way you like, which has the potential to be useful if something significant is happening out of your side window.

The other unusual feature is a Bluetooth button that you can stick anywhere in your car to take and record still images, although it might be more useful if that same button saved the current video footage.

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Dashboard Camera, Wireless Mini Dash Cam WiFi Driving Video Recorder Car DVR Camcorder 1080P 140° Angle Clear Night Vision, APP Connection 360° Rotating Camera, G-Sensor Motion Detection


YI Mirror Dash Cam 1080p

We’ve tested other dash cams by YI and come away impressed, so its Mirror Dash Cam looks like a sound bet. Like other offerings that take the same approach, the main body clips over your current rear view mirror to give you a bigger mirror with a screen embedded in it plus a 1080p camera on the back of it to record forwards. A rear-facing 720p camera is also bundled in, giving you a lot of kit for your money.

YI’s app allows you to download footage via wifi and store or share it, while a G-sensor and driver fatigue alerts are also included – although this amounts to little more than a two-hour timer that you have to press to silence. Regardless, for just over £60 a twin-camera mirror set up looks like good value.


Anker Roav

The Anker Roav is one of the smaller dash cams on sale in this price bracket and its unusual shape means it can be positioned very neatly at the top of the windscreen, well out of your eyeline. It shoots in up to 1080p at 30fps, or 720p at 60fps, and also includes WiFi for downloading clips and an impact sensor that can power up the camera if it detects an impact.

The footage itself is impressive. The Roav uses a high-quality Sony image sensor, so images and still frames are clear, meaning important details about other cars or location are easy to make out. That’s the case even if you run the camera in its lower 720p resolution.

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Roav DashCam S1, by Anker, Dash Cam, Dashboard Camera, Full HD 1080p Resolution @60 fps, NightHawk Vision, Sony Starvis Sensor, Built-In GPS, Wi-Fi, Wide-Angle Lens, 2-Port Charger, 32GB microSD Card


Vava Dash Cam

The Vava Dash Cam makes use of a bespoke app which, when you connect your phone to the camera, primarily allows you to quickly preview, download and share captured footage.

Despite the comparatively low price tag, the Vava is also a 1080p, 60fps HD dash cam with GPS and a G-sensor for automatic footage capture when mobile or parked.

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Dash Cam, VAVA with SONY Image Sensor, Car DVR for 1080p 60fps Clear HD Videos in Low Light or at Night, Wide-Angle Lens, 3-axis G-sensor, Snapshot Remote Button, iOS & Android Mobile App


Mio MIVUE C330

The MIVUE C330 is another offering from one of the better-known brands. The specs of the MIVUE C330 are up with the standard you’d expect at this price, with 1080p recording and a 130-degree lens with a G-sensor to activate saved recordings.

Nudging up the appeal are safety camera warnings with free updates for life, plus GPS tracking that provides speed and location on all recordings – something that few rivals do at this price.

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Mio MIVUEC330- Full HD 1080p In Car Dash Cam and DVR with GPS and Speed Camera Detection


YI Ultra Dash Cam

Currently on sale at £89.99, we’ve already tested the YI Ultra and found it to be a good quality unit.  It offers a maximum 1520p resolution at 30fps - compared to 1080p for many dashcams - and is fitted with a large aperture f/1.9 lens with a wide angle of 140.6 degrees.

You can playback recordings via the device or through your smartphone via an app too.

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Nextbase 312GW In Car Dash Cam

The Nextbase 312GW is one of our favourite mid-range dashcams, largely due to the fact that it packs in some key features that really justifies a few quid more than cheaper alternatives. The big plus on the 312GW is that it includes GPS, so when you download your clips into the Nextbase software it gives you location as well as speed and G-force – all of which will be invaluable should you need it in the event of an incident.

The sturdy build quality you expect from Nextbase, sharp 1080p footage @ 30fps and the clever mount that keeps the power lead in place (while allowing you to remove the camera) combine to make the 312GW a smart buy.

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Nextbase 312GW - Full 1080p HD In-Car Dash Camera DVR - 140° Viewing Angle – WiFi and GPS - Black


Z-Edge Z3 Plus

Features like Ultra 2.5k Wide Quad HD in 1440P and a HDR night vision mode are a welcome surprise at this price. Although labelled as being a £200 camera, it's frequently available from Amazon for half that. 

It may be missing things like GPS but the footage it takes is excellent, which at the end of the day is usually the most important factor of all. It doesn't take any time to set up and once fitted you can just leave it alone to record in the background. It's also reliable and easy to use, so although not the cheapest dash cam around, we think it's a worthwhile investment given the quality of the footage it captures.

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