What is it?

Without wishing to diminish the quality or efficacy of the Stoplock, it is essentially a curved metal bar that secures over your car’s steering wheel so no-one can nick it. But as with many things that can be explained simply, it doesn’t make it any less clever.

The meat of the device is the curved main section; the middle section sits flat against the centre boss of your steering wheel while the other end curves underneath the bottom the wheel rim and rests close to (or on) the front end of the driving seat. At the other end is a stout lock, which clasps around the top of your steering wheel and is secured with high strength key.

What's it like?

It takes just a few seconds to put into place and the same to remove it; once secured the wheel can’t be turned even if the standard steering lock is defeated because the bottom section of the bar will collide with the seat or the legs of the person sat in the driver’s seat. The lock itself is also clearly robust, and the Stoplock Pro has Thatcham Category 3 approval. Even as a last resort, sawing through the steering wheel to remove the lock would take a considerable amount of time.

Where the Stoplock may not suit all vehicles is in the overall design. The Pro model sits in the middle of the range and does not offer as great a degree of universal fitment as the more expensive Stoplock Pro Elite so it may not suit your car. Particularly large or small steering wheels may not accommodate it, nor wheels with a particularly thick rim. Some sports cars where the distance between the seat and the steering wheel is very small may also struggle, so if you are unsure see if your local car accessory store will let you trial-fit before you buy, or keep the receipt and check the returns policy.

One other factor to consider is where you will store the lock when you’re actually driving the car. It’s a weighty device and sizeable too, so you’re unlikely to be able to stash it either side of the driver’s seat and of course it should be well away from the driver’s footwell too. If you’re regularly in your car alone or with one other person it may not be an issue to reach behind your seat and leave it there, but if you frequently have passengers you may be forced to put it in the boot.

Should I buy one?

As a simple and effective theft prevention device that requires no setup and contains no electronics, the Stoplock Pro is a fine choice. If you can negotiate the matter of fitment and where to store it, it’s a great value and sensible investment.