Review: Nuna Leaf Grow
reviewed 30 May 2024 by David Ross






Ultra smooth and quiet baby rocker

Three recline positions

Base can be locked for feeding or playtime

What is it?

The Nuna Leaf Grow is a stylish baby rocker that is suitable from birth up to 60kg - which is about 9 stone in old money. It has a seat pad with a three point harness that can be removed to turn it into a toddler seat. There are no batteries or automated settings, instead the Leaf Grow works with an ultra smooth side to side motion - a gentle push with your hand and it should sway for about two minutes.

The seat has three different recline positions and the sway part can be locked, handy if you're using it for feeding. There's a mesh backing to keep your little one cool on a warm day and it has certified Oeko-tex fabric and a GOTS certified organic insert fabric. The fabrics are machine washable too. There is also a clip-on toy bar with three knitted toys - a bird, cloud and a bunny. We're using our six month old son Reuben, as chief tester for this Nuna Leaf Grow review.

What's it like?

Well the first thing you'll notice is the weight. The Nuna Leaf Grow has a heavy metal base so there's no danger of it tipping over, although it does mean it's not the easiest thing to move around or take with you to the in laws. The seat does detach from the base, but it's still not easy to transport. This is really designed to stay in one room.

It's an elegant and unusual design though, with many of our friends commenting on it when visiting. We really like how it looks although we do find ourselves repeatedly stubbing our toes on it, but that could be the lack of sleep that comes with a six month old...

We think it's important to point out that the Nuna Leaf Grow isn't automatic. It doesn't have power and doesn't automatically swing or vibrate like some baby bouncers. Instead you simply swing it with your hand. The swinging motion is lovely and smooth but you'll have to keep pushing it every couple of minutes to keep it going. 

If we're trying to keep Reuben occupied, we can attach the clip-on toy bar, which he's growing to like. The only issue is that it clips on the seat over the fabric - and has a habit of pinging off. Not ideal when you've got a baby sat there. Given the price we expected a better method of attaching it.

What we do find useful is the recline function. There are three settings so you can go from sitting up for CBeebies time to a more chilled out position when little one decides they want to have a nap. The lever is a little tricky to get to, positioned at the back of the base, but we've worked out you can smoothly recline it with a gentle hand. 

The quality of the fabric is excellent - that infant insert is lovely and soft it makes you wish they did adult versions of this chair. You can remove it for washing which is handy but we've managed to keep it clean with wipes so far. As Reuben grows, we can easily remove the infant insert and transform it into a toddler chair.

Should I buy one?

There are lots of baby bouncers and rockers on the market, starting from as low as £25. So at £240, the Nuna Leaf Grow is a hefty investment. We like the design and there's no denying the quality - from the weight of the base to the ultra smooth swinging motion and the durable yet soft fabric. As our son Reuben has grown he has used (and liked) the Nuna Leaf Grow more and more. We like the recline function and now regularly use it for snack time in our living room.

Our big reservation here is the price. At £240 this an expensive item at a time when parents are already spending lots on things like pushchairs and car seats. True it will last for several years as it can be used as your child grows, but if Reuben's older siblings are anything to go by, he'll be climbing up onto the sofa as soon as he's able. So yes, it's a very good baby swing but we think it's a bit too expensive for what it it.

Pros Beautiful design and concept Smooth side to side sway motion Can be used for older children up to 60kg
Cons Expensive Weight means it's not easy to move around Toy bar has a habit of springing off


Price: £240

Dimensions: H44 x W70 x D70cm

Maximum User Weight: 60kg

Suitable From: Birth

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