Review: Ring RAC 635 digital air compressor
reviewed 10 Aug 2017 by Daniel Harrison






Cheap to buy

Automatic cut off

Comes with additional attachments

What is it?

The RAC 635 is one of a series of air compressors from Ring. It boasts a digital readout for choosing a preset air pressure, plus an automatic cut-off that stops when the desired pressure is reached. It connects to a 12v accessory socket and can inflate a flat tyre to 35psi in around three minutes.

What's it like?

The unit is small enough to keep inside the car and comes with the 12v connector, wiring and air hose neatly tucked away inside – then it all packs neatly into a storage case. The whole thing is very intuitive to use - simply hook the air hose up, plug into the 12v outlet in the car, select the correct pressure for your tyre and press the button.

Once the tyre has reached the pre-selected pressure the system switches itself off and can be disconnected. Easy. If you need to use the compressor at night then it’s fitted with a torch, plus there is a flashing red light for signalling in an emergency and a valve for letting air out of a tyre if needed.

There are a few extra attachments to allow the inflation of bicycle tyres, footballs or inflatables like dinghies or air beds. So if you’re outdoorsy then it’s a worthwhile thing to keep in the car even if you’re not too worried about your tyres. Build quality is sturdy - in our testing we dropped and bashed the unit and while it does have a few little scratches here and there it’s still in one very chunky piece.

Should I buy one?

Prices vary depending on where you buy, but typically the RAC 635 can be found for around £30. At that price it’s a smart buy, particularly if you have a second car that rarely moves and needs its air topping up before a drive, or if you have an outdoor hobby like cycling, camping or water sports.

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Ring Digital 12V Tyre Compresser.


Ring RAC635 Preset Digital Tyre Inflator, Air Compressor Tyre Pump, 3 Min Tyre Inflation, LED Light, Carry Case, Valve Adaptors, 12V

Pros Air pressure selection Automatic cut off Cheap to buy
Cons Readers report occasional reliability issues


Air pressure selection

Automatic cut off

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