Review: Coleman Twist+ 300 lantern
reviewed 20 Dec 2018 by Dan Powell






Camping lantern with 300 lumens

Beam distance of up to eight metres

USB plugs for charging smartphones and tablets

What is it?

A chunky twist activated LED camping lantern. The weather-resistant, multipurpose light has three light outputs - 300/120/50 lumens - and provides up to 75 hours of light on its lowest setting or nine hours when set to maximum brightness. The light can also double up as a USB charging unit, which makes it useful for a phone, tablet or GPS.

Designed for outdoor use, the LED lantern features a bulky plastic case and can survive light knocks and drops. It is also rated IPX4 for water resistance, which means it can be used in wet weather, while the built-in hook makes it easy to hang the light outside a camper van or inside a tent.

What's it like?

Bright and durable. The lowest brightness setting will easily light up a small tent, while the highest setting is sufficient for illuminating a large outdoor dining table. There is also a flashing light setting, which is handy for the car in the event of a breakdown.

Coleman claims that the Twist+ 300 has a maximum beam distance of eight metres, and we have no reason to question this, given the impressive light output of the lantern. 

The bulky, plastic case feels like it will survive accidental knocks and scrapes while the oversized rubber rings should absorb all but the heaviest of drops. We tested the light with a two-metre drop and it survived without issue.  

Operating the light is easy, with the top of the unit twisting to activate the various light settings. When not in use you can shut off the battery connection by twisting the base. This means you don't have to worry about the light accidentally switching on when it's in the back of your car or backpack. 

The Coleman Twist+ 300 will recharge two electronic devices simultaneously, with a full size and micro USB socket situated at the top of the unit. When not in use, the lantern can be charged via a USB lead, which means you can recharge or top up the battery on car journeys. When fully charged, the leads can be stored in a compartment in the base of the lantern.

The 3.7V  lithium-ion battery provides up to nine hours of life when the maximum brightness setting is selected, but this will drop by up to a third if you start using the lantern to charge up electrical devices. However, on its medium-setting, the lantern will provide light for a couple of days before it needs to be recharged.

The built-in handle makes it easy to carry the unit around. It doesn't weight much either - just 770g - and this makes it suitable for nighttime walks with the dog.

Should I buy it?

The Coleman Twist+ 300 is one of the best camping lights you can get, but it’s also twice as expensive as some of its rivals.  If USB charging is a necessity for you, however, then this lantern will quickly become a camping essential. We think it lives up to its premium price tag and its durable construction makes it apt for sitting in the boot of a car as an emergency light when not on a campsite.

Pros Suitable as a main camping light, thanks to ultra-bright LEDs Doubles up as a USB powerpack and can be recharged in the car Has a useful compartment for storing charging leads
Cons Expensive Twist function is quite noisy


Height: 28cm

Width: 15cm

Water resistance rating: IPX4

Weight: 770g

Light output: 300/120/50 lumens

Beam distance: 8 metres

Runtime on high: 9 hours

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