Review: Nextbase 322GW dash cam
reviewed 13 Dec 2021 by David Ross






Cheapest Nextbase dash cam with GPS and WiFi

Compatible with car rear view camera

Records in 1080p HD @ 60fps

What is it?

The Nextbase 322GW is the cheapest Nextbase dash cam in the range that comes with WiFi and GPS. Priced at £109 it records in 1080p HD at 60 frames per second and has a 140 degree viewing angle. It features the usual Nextbase 2.5-inch touchscreen and while it does without posher features like Alexa and image stabilisation, it does still have a parking mode which will automatically record any movement on the vehicle when it's parked.

It's mounted with the Click & Go Pro mount (there's a suction mount or a 3M tape option) which uses high-strength magnets to link the mount's power source to the dash cam. It comes with a standard 12V power cable while you can buy a hardwire kit separately for around £20. Nextbase offers a 12-month UK warranty and a dedicated support service in case anything does go wrong.

In this Nextbase 322GW review we are also testing the Nextbase Rear View Camera module (a £59 extra) which slots into the side of the dash cam and records the rear view of your journey through your car.

What's it like?

We've come to expect a high level of quality from Nextbase dash cams - the brand is after all the most recognised and biggest selling in the UK - and the Nextbase 322GW dash cam doesn't disappoint. It may not have the posh metal finish of the top of the range 622GW but it feels just as well made. In the box you get everything you need including the option of either a suction mount or a 3M backed one. 

We'll start here as if you are familiar with Nextbase's earlier Series 1 dash cams, one of the most frustrating things was that the mounts would often fail. But with the Series 2 range, Nextbase has addressed this with a new mount which is excellent. The power lead goes to the mount rather than the dash cam and with one ball type adjustor, it's easy to get the camera in the right place without having to adjust various tighteners.

The clever bit is the magnetic connector which means you can easily take off the camera without having to remove the mount. This also creates a sturdy fit so there's no camera shake or vibration transmitted through to the camera when driving. In two years of testing various Nextbase models with this mount we've not had one fall off or break.

As well as the mount you get a 12V power cable. One thing to note is that if you have a car that doesn't have a 12V socket (they are being replaced by USB ports in many modern cars), you will have to get the camera hardwired.

This isn't much of an issue as we recommend hardwiring dash cams, but it's something to bear in mind if you're buying a dash cam to use on a company or hire car for instance. We did ask Nextbase whether it offered a USB or USB-C power lead, but it responded by saying that USB ports vary between cars and the company cannot guarantee it will provide the correct amount of voltage and amps, which could cause issues with charging. 

Whether hardwired or not, setting up the Nextbase is a doddle. We're using a Nextbase 32GB Micro SD Card but any U3 Micro SD card will work, although we'd always recommend buying a reputable brand. The U3 speed is required for 4K recordings and for Nextbase dash cams with rear view camera modules attached. Simply slot the card in, attach the cam to the mount and you're ready to hit the road.

The touchscreen is a big improvement on Series 1 models. It's easy to use with clear menus and responsive when you prod it too. You can alter things like the video length, exposure, quality and have your number plate stamped on the footage, but to be honest, once you've set the camera up, you'll rarely have cause to change the settings.

We're testing the Nextbase 322GW with the Rear View Camera module which costs £59. It's a clever little camera which slots in the side of the main dash cam and an alternative to having a second camera fitted to the rear window, plus all the ensuing cables. You can adjust the angle of the camera and it shows the display in a little box on the touchscreen, so you can make sure you're not simply filming the rooflining. Alternatively you can use live view on the Nextbase app. 

And talking of the Nextbase app, it's very easy to use once you've connected your phone to the dashcam via Bluetooth. You can view files and save them to your phone, which is far easier than taking the SD card out and transferring the files to your laptop. Yes it can be slow depending on your WiFi connection, but each clip shows you the location on Google Maps plus telemetry with info such as your current speed and maximum speed.


The quality of the footage is very good indeed. The Nextbase 322GW may 'only' film in 1080p HD at 30fps with the rear camera attached (dropping from 60fps without) compared to 1440p of the Nextbase 422GW but there are no complaints with how clear and sharp the images are. Even on a very grey day you can clearly see number plates and it copes admirably in low light and at night too. Yes you can spend more for better quality footage, but we think this is more than adequate for its intended purpose. 

It's perhaps the rear camera footage that surprised us most. We didn't have particularly high hopes considering this is not a separate camera fitted to the rear window, but the quality is good considering. It of course depends on what kind of car you have, we tested it in a Skoda Superb Estate so there's a long way to the back window and headrests plus child car seats to contend with but you can clearly see the cars behind. And having that rear camera footage can be invaluable in an insurance claim or if you're providing footage to the police.

Nextbase also offers cloud storage, so you can easily send your files to other parties, such as the police or insurance. Every video uploaded to the MyNextbase Cloud is hosted free for 30 days - after which it's deleted permanently if you don't store it elsewhere.

Should I buy one?

While you can spend more on a dash cam, indeed the top of the range Nextbase 622GW is £250, we think the 322GW has everything you need at a very good price. It's certainly worth spending the extra £30 over the Nextbase 222 as WiFi and especially GPS are, in our opinion, crucial features to have. If you want a rear facing camera the 322GW is also the cheapest Nextbase model that the optional car rear view camera is compatible with.

True, the top of the range Nextbase 622GW provides better footage but we don't think you'll be disappointed with what the 322GW gives you. As a dash cam for the average motorist who wants something as a safety net, this is the one to go for. It's easy to use and reliable so you can just fit it and forget. In short it's an excellent buy and the Nextbase dash cam we find ourselves recommending the most.

At the moment you can get the Nextbase 322GW Pro bundle on the official Nextbase site for £149 which includes the 322GW dash cam, a separate rear window camera and a 32GB Micro SD Card along with all the cables you need of course. We think that's a lot of kit for the money.

Pros Excellent quality and easy to use Sturdy and secure mount The best value Nextbase in the range
Cons If you don't have a 12v socket you'll need it hardwired Other dashcams are cheaper


Resolution: 1080p HD @ 60fps, 720p @ 60fps

Screen: 2.5-inch HD IPS touchscreen

Viewing Angle: 140 degree

Lens: 6 layer, f1.6

Bluetooth: 4.2

Alexa: No

Image stabilisation: No

Polarising Filter: Compatible (not included)

Features: WiFi, GPS, Emergency Response, Intelligent Parking Mode

Module Compatibility: Rear Window Cam, Car Rear View Camera, Cabin View Cam

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