What is it?

The Weise Air Spin jacket is full length, summer motorbike jacket that's available for both men and women. Featuring a 600 denier polyester, vented outer shell, a removable waterproof and thermal lining and CE protectors throughout - the jacket is ideal for any rider looking for a warm-weather jacket without spending a premium jacket prices. But durability issues surrounding the quality of the materials make us wonder if our £140 is better spent elsewhere.

What's it like?

The jacket is constructed of a heavy-duty outer shell and features a removable waterproof and thermal lining that attaches to the outer shell via zips inside the body and clips inside the cuffs of the jacket. Inside the jacket, there's mesh venting to keep you cool in warm weather as well as CE protectors in the shoulders, elbows and back. All the protectors are fully removable via velcro fastenings, too.

The jacket is fairly lightweight and comes with reflective detailing for nighttime riding. Zips on the side of the body and adjustable velcro straps on the collar, cuffs, arms and waist make it easy to adjust the size. Sizing is accurate as far as we can tell, without the jacket feeling too tight with the lining inside. However, it isn't hugely adjustable so try it on in-store if you get a chance.

There's a Neoprene trimmed collar with a soft fabric for added comfort around the neck, as well as two Velcro fastenings for tightening. Overall, there are four pockets - two inside and two outside - which aren't huge but they are big enough for a phone, keys etc. The two interior pockets are both on the right side of the jacket, just in case you have trouble finding them (like we did)...

On the rear of the jacket, at the bottom, there's an 8-inch connecting zip for attaching to Weise jeans. The only colour scheme for this jacket is the grey and black that we have in for review, which isn't exactly stylish but it does the job. The jacket also comes with a two-year guarantee for some peace of mind, which you might need considering we've already spotted some damage after half a dozen short rides in the jacket.

Material quality is our biggest concern with the Weise Air Spin, which is a real shame considering we actually liked wearing the jacket. As you can see in the attached photos, the 'Air Spin' lettering on the front of the jacket is already peeling significantly after eight or so uses. This is especially concerning because our commute to work is 15 minutes each way - meaning the jacket has had about two hours of total wearing time.

While nothing else is wrong with the jacket, as far as we can tell, small evidence of damage is often a precursor to larger-scale issues like broken zips, torn materials and general wear - especially when the damage occurs on both sections of lettering.

Should I buy it?

If we were to ignore the peeling lettering, the score for the Weise Air Spin would be more positive. After all, the jacket is lightweight, comfortable and keeps us cool on hot days. Plus, it offers a reasonable amount of protection despite not being much of a looker. That being said, we're bound to wonder about the longterm durability of a jacket that'll set you back £140.