What is it?

Darker and colder winters months bring with them increased chances of traffic, road accidents and delays - but being prepared makes a world of difference if you end up stuck on the roads. Apparently, according to numerous customer reviews, the Iceplane is the best ice scraper on sale, promising to be “very effective” on the packaging.

It’s unusually designed in that it has two blades set at an angle from the handle. These are optimally shaped and placed at precisely the correct angle to clear a frosted screen as quickly and efficiently as possible. For more winter essentials to keep in your car, check out our top 10.

What’s it like?

It’s surprisingly good, even after reading some glowing customer recommendations. In order to get through the ice on the screen a bit of downward pressure is required, but after that, it’s just a case of moving the Iceplane back and forth – it clears ice in both directions very quickly in comparison to other ice scrapers.

The instructions advise not to use the scraper too close to rubber seals or paintwork, as the blades are sharp and could potentially cause damage – but they don’t scratch glass. The instructions also recommend that the Iceplane is left in the car so it is about the same temperature as the ice, which should increase both its effectiveness and its longevity.

Obviously, de-icer makes life easier, but it’s not really necessary with the Iceplane. In all fairness, a little bit of forward planning renders any ice scraper pointless – sitting in the car for five minutes with the engine running will usually clear ice, while windscreen cover will prevent it forming in the first place.

Should I buy one?

Nobody is perfect. For those surprise frosty mornings, or for drivers who are running late and don’t have time to wait for the ice to thaw, the Iceplane is easily the easiest and best ice scraper we’ve tried. It costs a little more than the usual £1 items at service stations, but at a little more than £5 the Iceplane is hardly going to break the bank.