What is it?

OKO Tyre Sealant is a substance that you can put into tyres to prevent punctures. Unlike sealants that are designed to seal punctures after the event, OKO is preventative and will seal minor damage before it becomes a problem. That makes it ideal for use on garden machinery - such as ride-on mowers and wheelbarrows - where it’s all too easy to run over a bramble, thorn or sharp stone and pick up an unnecessary (and annoying) puncture. 

What’s it like?

This version of OKO Tyre Sealant comes in a 1.25-litre bottle, which is enough to seal two tyres on a ride-on mower or at least a couple of wheelbarrows and application is easy, with everything you need (with the exception of a compressor for re-inflation) included. You’ll need to use the valve tool to remove the core of the valve (which is easily done) and that’s neatly concealed in the top of the bottle.

With the valve core removed, you pull out the tube from the bottle and fill the inside of the tyre. Squeeze about half the bottle in, replace the valve, revolve the wheel to spread the sealant and re-inflate. Once this has been done, it ensures long term multi-puncture protection and contains rust inhibitors and anti-corrosives. It works almost instantly, sealing punctures as soon as they happen and lasting for the length of the tyre’s life

Should I buy it?

It’s cheap to buy, easy to apply and will prevent annoying punctures of up to 10mm in size for the life of a tyre. That means time saved in dealing with a puncture and the expense of repair - so there’s no reason not to recommend that you buy OKO Tyre Sealant.

The firm does different size bottles for different types of tyre, but this 1.25-litre version is useful for preventing punctures on smaller tyres including ride-on lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, wheelchairs, golf buggies and trailers.