What is it?

Much in the same way people say Tannoy when they mean public address system or Hoover when they mean vacuum cleaner, Swarfega has become the catch-all name for hand cleaners designed to clear grease, muck and ground-in dirt.

Most people have come into contact with Swarfega at one time or another, but there are numerous different formulations that carry the name. In this Swarfega Original Classic formula, it’s a gelatinous green mixture designed not to slide off the hand and to remove oil, grease and general dirt quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re working on cars, decorating the house, repairing bikes or in the garden - Swarfega gets rid of dirt quickly and doesn’t dry out the skin.

Should I buy it?

For the casual DIY-ist, this 275ml version is likely to last a long time - just a small amount of product is needed to be effective on even the dirtiest of hands and it clears much quickly and effectively. Thanks to the conditioner included in the formula, it leaves hands feeling soft. There’s a mild citrus smell to mask the chemicals, but it retains the characteristic Swarfega smell - somewhere between petrol and detergent. This wide jar makes it easy to get to the last bits of the product at the bottom for low wastage.

Copycat brands are available and usually cheaper, but for under £8, this 275ml jar of Swarfega is likely to last well and do the job.