Review: Mio MiVue 658 WiFi dash camera
reviewed 27 Jul 2016 by Katie Smith






Integrated GPS and WiFi

Easy to install and use

Warns about safety cameras

What is it?

The 658 WIFI is a high definition dash camera with integrated GPS and WiFi. The WiFi bit is quite important, as it means you can connect the camera to your smartphone – via the free MiVue app – and then send the video recording to your insurance company and/or the police in the event of an accident. What’s more, with in-built GPS, the camera will pinpoint your route, speed and type of impact. 

What’s it like?

A little bit fiddly to start with as you cannot attach the power lead without first removing the rear-plastic cover. Our test camera's cover was very reluctant to come off - in fact, it had to be prised off with a screwdriver. We were very close to sending it back as we assumed the cover was faulty and jammed shut, but once it had been removed once it became much easier. 

Once up and running, the 658 WiFi redeemed itself with simple installation and use. The 2.7-inch screen is bright and easy to read, while the car mount fits without hassle. The camera automatically activates when you switch on the vehicle's ignition and records all aspects of your journey onto an SD card. It then automatically overwrites the data when the card is full, but it can save clips permanently when prompted by either you or the inbuilt G-sensor.

The automatic impact sensor is a handy feature as it will prevent you from forgetting to preserve important footage in the event of an accident. The integrated three-axis sensor records the G-force and also shows the direction and force of the impact. You can also use the dash camera to take photos and then save to your smartphone via the WiFi. 

As well as recording your journeys, the camera displays your vehicle's speed and warns about any oncoming safety cameras. The device also has a parking mode, with the camera capable of recording permanently when the vehicle is stationary. However, this fuction requires an optional Smartbox accessory to provide enough power for long term use without draining the car’s battery. 

The free MiVue Manager software is free and easy to download to your computer. You can also transfer video clips from our smartphone to your computer and share via social media and YouTube. It is also possible to overlay your trips on Google Maps, via the GPS. A sample clip is embedded below, but YouTube compression does make the footage less clear than it is when viewed straight from the memory card.

Should I buy one?

The Mio MiVue 658 WiFi dash camera is easy to use and great for recording videos in all weather conditions. Its low light recording capability is a particular highlight, with its HD camera picking up everything with ease. However we think the WiFi function will be this unit's biggest appeal to many. You can connect the device straight to your computer via a lead, but if you don't own a smartphone then spending money on the 658 WiFi isn't worth it - cheaper cameras record similarly clear footage. 

With prices starting from £159, the 658 WiFi is not the cheapest dash camera on the market, but you do get a sense of where the extra money has been spent, with the high-quality touchscreen and camera providing excellent video recording. It's a pity that you have to buy an additional £30 Smartbox to make the most of the parking feature though. That said, even with the extra money factored in, the Mio MiVue 658 WiFi dash camera remains a high quality product. 

Pros High-quality touchscreen is easy to use Camera delivers excellent video recording Very good in low light
Cons Addition £30 smartbox is needed to make the most of the parking feature Other dashcams offer just as good footage and are much cheaper


Maximum resolution: 2304p @ 30fps

Card type: MicroSD up to 128GB

GPS: Yes

WiFi: Yes

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