What is it?

When you’ve reason to use Swarfega Heavy Duty, you know that you’ve been putting your time to good use.

This formula is the one that’s a gelatinous orange and includes small pieces of grit to remove ground-in dirt, oil and grease. It will remove almost anything from your hands and is not just restricted to those working on cars, bikes or in the garden - as it’s just as effective at removing silicone, paint and adhesives. This version has a slight orange/citrus aroma, but it still has that unmistakable Swarfega smell to it.

Thankfully in recent years, Swarfega has revised the formula of its Heavy Duty hand cleaner and moved away from using microplastics for the ‘scrub’ element and now uses natural alternatives including cornmeal.

This 500ml version is probably a little on the large side for the casual user and rather bulky - but smaller, pump-action versions are available too.

Should I buy one?

For car maintenance, painting and decorating and heavy gardening work, Swarfega Heavy Duty is just the job. This particular size - 500ml - may be a bit on the large size, but others are available.