Can you advise the smallest car that can fit a stage 1 rear facing car seat in the back?

We currently have a 1 series BMW and with a rear facing child seat in the back, the front seat is unusable for long journeys as there is so little leg room, even for my wife who is 5ft 1. What is the smallest car that can accommodate modern rear facing stage 1 child seats in the back? So the smallest we can find is the VW Tiguan, which is not small by any measure!
Thank you for your message. This can be a real issue with rear facing or 360 swivelling child seats - it's something I have found. The Skoda Octavia has enough room but anything smaller than that and you will struggle for front legroom. We found a Honda Civic just about acceptable. You could look at a used Nissan Pulsar which has a lot of rear legroom, but it's not a great car overall.

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