What's the best steering wheel lock for a Peugeot?

I've just bought a Peugeot 308 car that was registered 18 months ago. I've tried to fit several steering wheel stop locks but none fit due to shape and size of the steering wheel. Could you recommend one that will fit?
Peugeot is known for those tiny little steering wheels so that's understandable. We can't recommend something specific that we've tested, but we'd suggest looking for a lock that stretches to fit the wheel's shape rather than one that clamps on in a set position because, like you say, the 308's steering wheel also isn't a traditional shape. I'm not sure which ones you've tried but Streetwize is a reputable brand and this steering wheel lock might work, it's also well-reviewed: amzn.to/3aL7AYX

Answered by Georgia Petrie on

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