Do laws on dashcams in Europe apply to biker helmet cams?

I read with interest your article on the varying rules throughout the EU on the use of dash cams. Is it safe to assume the same applies to the cameras bikers often fit to their helmets? I’m in the process of organising a group trip taking in France, Spain and Portugal, so it would be very useful to know.
Laws on recording in public, filming people without their permission and operating in-car electronics have no set EU regulation and are left instead to individual national governments. I would do some extra research before you head out. You can record in Spain without any restrictions. Like the UK, drivers in France can use a dash cam but it cannot obstruct the driver’s view. France also restricts dash cams to 'private use', which — in this case — that means you can't simply just share footage (on Youtube or Facebook, for example) unless you ask those who are being filmed. Although it's legal to use a dash cam when you drive in Spain, once you arrive in Portugal you can't use a dash cam (or similar) because you don't have consent from every person or vehicle that you'd be recording footage of. This is the Portuguese legislation that backs this point up:

If you plan to go elsewhere in Europe that you plan to use a dash cam or helmet cam in, check out our advice about filming abroad here:
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