Do I need to tell my insurance company if I have a dash cam hardwired in my car?

I am in the process of changing my car and my dash cam will be connected directly to the fuse board. My insurance company says this is a modification and has subsequently increased my insurance by almost £300. I’ve changed insurers but Nextbase says you don’t need to tell your insurer as it’s not a modification. Should I tell my insurer or not?
It is not a modification, the dash cam can still be removed at any time.Having a permanent feed there is something different. The insurer is just being pedantic. It does not increase risk in any way. It is exactly the same as having an aftermarket sat nav fitted but having a permanent feed. Unless you were being incentivised to fit one, I would not bother telling them. The simplest thing to do is ask at the inception of the policy.
Answered by Tim Kelly on

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