Is GPS important when buying a dashcam?

I like the Z Edge dashcams you have reviewed. However as you mention they do not have GPS. How important is this? If there is a crash in front of you which you film, why is your speed important? Surely the film of someone driving carelessly in front is the focus, not your speed. I can see it might be relevant if you were to rear end the car in front, but not otherwise. However, I don't want to buy a Z Edge if its film is inadmissible to insurers and police because it doesn't have GPS. So how important is it to have the GPS?
If the incident is very cut and dry, GPS isn't necessary. For example, if someone veers across their lane into your car - the footage will clearly show they're at fault. But, unfortunately, many incidents don't go like that. You can never predict what will happen when it comes to insurance claims after road accidents. Say you hit a cyclist that suddenly crosses the road in front of you without warning, the footage will show that - but they could claim you were speeding dangerously through an urban area without taking due care and attention for who was around you. Insurers and police will look at the footage to see who they believe is at fault, so being able to prove you weren't speeding or driving dangerously before an accident can be very important if the other party says you were. But, saying that, insurers will still accept dash cam footage without GPS for the most part because it significantly helps to speed up a claim.
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