Can I get rid of tiny scratches on my windscreen?

Unfortunately, my windscreen was covered in a fine layer of sand and cement dust. I did not realise and used the screen wash to clean what I thought was a dirty screen. The result is fine scratches which show up now that there is more sunlight, can you please advise the best way to rectify without the expense of a new screen? The scratches cannot be felt when running a finger nail over them.
There are various scratch repair kits online - some people also swear by toothpaste followed by polishing - but we've not tested anything to repair fine windscreen scratches before. In fact, trying to polish the scratches out could make it a bigger issue. Our advice is to get the windscreen replaced - that would be the safest option. If you don't want to opt for that expense, do as much research as you can because you can actually reduce the structural integrity of the windscreen using some of the products on the market that advertise themselves as glass scratch removers.
Answered by Georgia Petrie on

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