How can I clean bee droppings from my car paintwork?

I keep bees and have an ongoing problem of cleaning the bee droppings off the paintwork of my black (should have thought it through!) BMW X3. It's quite easy to pick off the dried up droppings with fingernails on the easily reachable parts of the car but very difficult to do the roof. Is there a product which would remove them without also taking the wax polish off the paintwork?
Although we haven't actually tried this ourselves, a lot of people swear by WD-40 ( It won't damage paintwork and can be used to remove a wide range of muck off cars. I'd also recommend using a pressure washer first, then the WD-40. Finally, polishing and waxing your car will likely make it much easier to remove next time you want to wash it. We advise using a polish like Poorboys White Diamond (, followed by a sealant like Bilt Hamber Double Speed-Wax ( Wax like the Bilt Hammer will take a bit of effort to buff but the end result is worth the work.
Answered by Georgia Petrie on

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