Can I get a vehicle tracker and camera in one?

I need to arrange a tracker for my company car. I would also like to have a camera at the same time. However the tracker needs to produce reports for work. Any thoughts?
If you want a tracker device and a dash cam in one, unfortuntaley no device - to our knowledge - exists. However, if you want some advice on separate devices then we can help. Many dash cams (assuming this is what you mean by a camera) use GPS so they'll record speed, time, date, location etc. But I'm thinking you want a dedicated tracking device like the Rewire Security Nano Tracker:

You can also get trackers that have more features. A company called Tracker sells some good options if you want something a little more sophisticated. As for dash cams, Nextbase and Garmin both produce very good devices that offer GPS, high-res footage etc.
Answered by Georgia Petrie on

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