Car Security product of the year shortlist

In 2018, nearly 120,000 thefts were reported, the equivalent of one being stolen every five minutes or 300 a day. So, we've rounded up our five favourite car security products from the last 12 months - including trackers, wheel locks and signal blocking pouches - to help you keep your pride and joy safe and sound where it belongs.

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Rewire Security Nano Tracker

The Spytrack Nano tracker by Rewire Security is a small tracker device for keeping tabs on any particular thing of your choice. The app integrates Google Maps and the topography can utilise satellite imagery if you choose. Using the desktop site you can set up ‘geofence zones’ that allow you to place markers on the map so that if the tracker goes outside of them you’ll be alerted. Aside from that, you can set up alerts if the tracker moves or travels beyond a certain speed.

If you want to track a car, you’ll need to buy the optional magnetic case to make it fully waterproof and stick it in the wheel arch. The case costs about £25. Or for a fiver less you could buy an official car hardwire kit. That’ll also prevent the battery from running out. On that basis, it’s very cost effective.

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SpyTrack Nano GPS Tracker - Real Time Portable 4G GPS Tracker for Kids Elderly Dementia Personal Locator and Hidden Luggage Tracking device Rewire Security



Disklok is essentially a large reinforced steel disc that you lock around your steering wheel. Even if someone breaks into your car and starts the engine, they would not be able to steer it as the disc spins around. The lock comes with three keys and replacement keys are available from Disklok should you lose yours.  There are three sizes - small, medium and large - so it will suit most cars as well as pick-ups, vans and campervans.

While it's not the sleekest solution to car security - nor the most modern - there's no denying that the Disklok is very effective, especially against opportunist car thieves or joy riders who don't want the hassle and will move onto another car.  It can be tricky to fit at first - and it's heavy - but it soon becomes something that only takes a couple of minutes to do. For older and classic cars that don't have modern alarms or immobilisers, the Disklok is a good way to prevent someone stealing your pride and joy, especially if you have something that thieves are keen to target. It's also a good extra measure if you have a motorhome which is parked up for weeks or months at a time.

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Disklok Gold Security Edition Car Steering Wheel Full Cover Anti- Angle Grinder Anti-Theft Lock Police Approved (Silver, Small 35cm - 39cm)


Monojoy faraday bag

Keyless entry car theft is a very real issue, with expensive models in built-up areas particularly at risk. The number one way to prevent keyless entry theft is to stop the key from being vulnerable by blocking the signal.  If you don't want to put your faith in physical solutions like the Disklok steering lock, then Faraday bags are a good preventative measure. They work by blocking electromagnetic fields, which stops radio frequencies from being amplified - meaning your car can't be stolen without the physical key.

For £8, which is the retail price at the time of writing, you get peace of mind about leaving your keyless entry car outside your house. Although, it's worth bearing in mind the quality you'll get for less than a tenner. If the pouch starts falling apart, your keyfob is vulnerable, so better to replace it as soon as it starts to look tatty.

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Faraday Pouch for Car Keys - Car Key Signal Blocker Pouch | Keyless Car Key Signal Blocker Pouch, Faraday Pouch For Car Keys 2 Pack, RFID Key Pouch Defender Signal Blocker Key Pouches Signal Blocker


Stoplock Pro

Without wishing to diminish the quality or efficacy of the Stoplock, it is essentially a curved metal bar that secures over your car’s steering wheel so no-one can nick it. But as with many things that can be explained simply, it doesn’t make it any less clever.

As a simple and effective theft prevention device that requires no setup and contains no electronics, the Stoplock Pro is a fine choice. If you can negotiate the matter of fitment and where to store it, it’s a great value and sensible investment. If you want a cheaper option, we'd recommend the plain old Stoplock rather than the Pro.

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Stoplock 'Pro' Car Steering Wheel Lock W/Keys HG 149-00 - Anti-Theft Security Device - Vehicle Crime Prevention, Black and Yellow (Pack of 1)


Tile Pro

The Tile is a device used to track whatever you attach it to using Bluetooth. The obvious things are your keys and wallet - but it can also be used to find stolen vehicles, like this motorcycle in San Fransisco. Tile's newest Bluetooth tracker, the Tile Pro, is the first to come with a replaceable battery. It also has a longer Bluetooth range (90m) and is three times louder than previous Tiles.

The Tile community is massive, and one of the reasons we think the tracker is such a good investment. Beyond the Bluetooth range, the app will automatically show you the last time and place it saw the Pro on a map via the companion smartphone app. Mark your Tile as lost on the app and, if someone in the Tile community comes within range of it, you'll be notified of its last known location.

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