Best Car Tyres 2019

With the snow that the Beast from the East storm brought to England last year, an increasing number of drivers are moving away from summer tyres to all-season tyres. And we've driven on a lot of them. So, here are our five top-rated tyres for all road conditions from the last 12 months.

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Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 tyres do very well when it comes to handling, offering a decent amount of traction and a strong front grip. They handle well in snow, rain and in warm weather - as we'd expect - although grip in snow is where they really shine. The tyre is certified with the snowflake symbol, which means it meets the official standards of dedicated winter tires. Plus, you don't have to change them for summer tyres when spring rolls around and they're quiet.

The SmartTRED design features specific tread zones that adjust to road conditions and the tyres, while the all-weather compound and a flatter contour mean the pressure is spread evenly - so you should get a good amount of mileage from these tyres.

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Bridgestone Weather Control A005

The Bridgestone Weather Control A005 delivers high performance in summer and winter, featuring a high volume of slots in the tyre's shoulder to improve grip in wet weather conditions. The A005 replaces the A001 and is legally compliant 365 days a year thanks to its qualified performance on snow, certified by the 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) marking. 

The A005 are available for 15-inch to 20-inch rims. For drivers wanting more grip in rainy conditions, the A005 are a great choice. The Bridgestone tyres also do a reasonable job in the snow.

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Michelin CrossClimate+

Michelin CrossClimate have been a favourite of ours in the past, and these Michelin CrossClimate+ are even more impressive in all-weather conditions. Marketed as, "a summer tyre with winter capability”, the Michelin tyres do better in fair weather than on snowy or wet roads - although they certified to use on snow, certified by the 3PMSF symbol.

While Michelin is definitely up there with the best all-season tyres, the CrossClimate+ excel in dry conditions - with excellent braking thanks to the rigid and bevel-edged tread block design. As the tyre wears, emerging grooves open to deliver long-lasting traction on snowy roads too. The CrossClimate+ are available in 48 sizes for 15-inch to 19-inch rims.

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Continental AllSeasonContact

Like the Michelin CrossClimate+, the Continental AllSeasonContact are more of a summer tyre with good all-season performance. The tread pattern of the AllSeasonContact has fewer sipes than most rivals, but it offers a great amount of traction - even in snow - and strong front end grip. 

The Continental do well in wet and dry conditions too with reliable, reactive braking and the tyres are also very quiet and refined even at high speeds. A reduction in rolling resistance (the energy lost when a tyre is moving) also means the AllSeasonContact are very fuel efficient. The AllSeasonContact are available in 14 to 20-inch sizes.

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Hankook Kinergy 4S2

The Hankook Kinergy 4S2 feature extra-wide grooves, which disperse water and slush efficiently to the sides. Handling with the Hankook tyres is stable, with a good amount of road grip. The AllSeasonContact tyres are available in 14 to 20-inch sizes.

The flexible tread compound provides multiple points of contact at low temperatures. Therefore, in dry conditions, the 4S2 have impressively short braking distances with the bonus of a low rolling noise due to the zigzag pattern in the centre of the tread. 3D sipes in the centre of the tread also ensure safe handling on snow covered roads. Snow performance is certified by the 3PMSF marking.

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