Is there a camaera that can record any incidents - such as vandalism - when my car is parked?

My car got keyed recently which got me thinking about recording while away from my car. What is the best/cheapest option when looking to purchase something that can record motion/incidents on outside of my car, from the inside. Obviously I would have thought it should have 360 degrees recording? Or are there any other good cheap options on the market which could identify any vandals/hit and run etc?
You aren't likely to find a camera that does all the things you want it to. The product, to our knowledge, just doesn't exist. Nothing will record 360 degrees, even a front and rear dash cam - like the Nextbase 512GW - won't capture footage of the side of your car. Assuming you mean on-street parking, the main issue you're going to face is the power supply to the camera. We don't generally recommend things like dash cams be left plugged in overnight because they can drain your car's battery (and they won't be able to record very well in very low light conditions). But you can get a dash cam hard-wired and, as long as it has a parking mode feature, it should run while taking minimal power from the vehicle's battery. That way it will only turn on to record for a few seconds if motion outside of the car sets it off. If you want a dual dash cam that has parking mode then I'd recommend the Nextbase 512GW and GWRC (rear camera), we reviewed it here:
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