Is my car susceptible to keyless theft?

In light of recent concerns over the easy way thieves are accessing keyless entry cars I have been trying to find out if my 3008 can also be attacked by using these scanning devices to trick the car into believing the remote is inside the car and allowing it to be started and driven off. Unfortunately, Peugeot doesn't seem to know?
Thieves use relay devices to amplify the signal from the key fob in your home to a transmitter near your car, which essentially tricks your car into thinking the key is present. This allows them entry into the car, where they can use the start-stop button to start the car without the key. The key also doesn't need to be present within the car for it to continue running - so they can keep driving as long as the ignition isn't turned off at any point. As far as we're aware, any keyfob is vulnerable so if you're 3008 has keyless entry and start then it's a good idea to buy a signal blocking pouch for the keyfob. Or you can wrap it in tinfoil (or put it in a metal box). It's free but it's a bit weird to carry around a key wrapped in foil in our opinion.

We've tested this one, it's very cheap but we've had reports that it does fall apart after a while so buy whatever signal blocking/faraday bag is best:

We have a Top 10 Signal blocking bags and boxes as well:
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