How can I keep my car secure from keyless theft?

I have a 2018 BMW 420i with Comfort Access. I keep my key in a Faraday bag/pouch at least 10 metres from the car. I asked BMW what my options are to reduce keyless theft of my car. They replied that they could not remove Comfort Access and that if I have fitted an immobiliser such as Auto Ghost they would not be happy but cannot stop me however if it affected the car's warranty it would be chargeable work. BMW does not offer any solution. Any suggestions please?
Unfortunately, many manufacturer's take this stance on the warranty when it comes to aftermarket immobilisers. Aside from a signal blocking bag, a tracker is a very good idea. Thieves sometimes leave a stolen vehicle somewhere out of the way - like a residential area or multi-storey car park - to ensure that it isn't being tracked by police before they try to sell it on. We would suggest looking at a company simply called Tracker (, as well as at Rewire Security's Nano Tracker - which we reviewed here:

If you don't have a garage to store your car in, consider getting a locking post-installed on your driveway or sturdy gates to put off potential thieves. Making the house and your keys secure will reduce the likelihood of theft. Consider getting a burglar alarm, security lights and CCTV fitted if you don’t already have them and ensure the basics of securely-locked doors and windows are followed by all your family. Mechanical devices offer a physical barrier against thieves but also offer a visual deterrent, so although they can be cumbersome, steering wheel locking devices such as Diskloks or wheel clamps can be effective and inexpensive:
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