Is my BMW with Comfort Access vulnerable to keyless theft?

With all the recent publicity about the theft of modern keyless vehicles via the use of relays could you please qualify a question I find difficult to get answered with certainty? Does the theft of vehicles using relays apply just to cars with "Comfort Access" i.e you just walk up to the vehicle with the key in your pocket and it opens the vehicle automatically (you do not press any button on the key to open the vehicle). I have a 2018 BMW X3 where I have to press the button on the key to open the doors but do not have to locate the key in the vehicle to start it, it just sits in my pocket or on the centre console. Is my car vulnerable when I leave the key in my house if its not protected by a faraday pouch ?
It's important to clarify the difference between keyless entry and keyless start. If you can walk up to your car with your key in a pocket or bag and open the door - that's keyless entry. If you can start the car without putting the key in the ignition, that's keyless start. Vehicles with keyless entry AND keyless start are vulnerable to keyless theft because thieves with a relay device can amplify the signal from the key fob in your home to a transmitter near your car, which essentially tricks your car into thinking the key is present. This allows them entry into the car, where they can also start the car without the key. If you can't unlock the door without using a button on the key, then your car is much less vulnerable. However, it isn't immune to theft.

There's more on keyless theft here:
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