Is there a way I can carry two bikes on my convertible?

I own a 2015 Mercedes E350 Cabriolet. I wanted to have a towbar fitted but apparently, it is not approved for this which surprised me. I want to carry two electric cycles. Is there a suitable boot mounted rack or another solution?
We've tested the Thule Raceway carrier - which is very good, although it is fairly expensive. The review for that is here:

There are lots of boot mounted bike racks on Amazon, the trouble is figuring out which ones will fit your car before buying - which is why we tend to recommend reputable brands like Thule, especially when you'll be using it to carry expensive cargo like e-bikes. Another we'd recommend is the Thule Clip-on-high carrier. There are two models of this rack, the 9105 and 9106, which have different frame lengths for fitting different car models so you'll need to do some reading to work out which is best for you if you opt for that one. The link for the 9105 is here, although there's more info directly on Thule's website:
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