Are there any dash cameras that have traffic sign recognition?

Are there any dash cameras that have traffic sign recognition and pick up speed limit signs and display the speed on their screen? I find this more useful and reliable than GPS/mapping based speed reminders as they pick up temporary limits or limits that may have changed since the mapping was created, and provides a useful reminder of the speed limit. We have a car with traffic sign recognition where the detected limit is displayed on the dash (next to the speed limit picked up from the navigation mapping so the two differ sometimes). Our other car doesn't have this feature, and hence wonder if it is an available feature of a dash cam.
As far as we're aware, no dash camera has the ability to recognise speed signs. Many have the ability to alert you if you go over the speed limit, but this is based on GPS and, therefore, the dash camera knowing whether you're on a motorway, a single carriageway, a residential area etc and the relevant speed limits in that location - just like your nav. It wouldn't be able to pick up temporary speed limits - 50mph when passing roadworks on a motorway, for example. Your best bet would be to go for a Garmin dash cam, they have the best speed alerts in our opinion. We recently tested the Garmin 66W, which is the new top of the range model, as well as the Garmin 55 which is excellent and cheaper. I'll link to both below.

Garmin 55:

Garmin 66W:
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