What's a good Bluetooth adaptor to buy?

I have a 2015 Volkswagen Sharan without Bluetooth with a broken CD player. Please could you advise on the best way to get the audio working again without breaking the bank? Ideally including Bluetooth and with a CD fully functional. I’m considering buying a Bluetooth adapter for the MDI port or replacing the RCD310 with a similar second-hand audio unit
It really depends on how much you listen to CDs. If you tend to use Bluetooth more and you're on a budget, I see no reason to replace the whole unit - but that's up to you. If you live close to a Halfords, it's worth going in to see if they have a unit that would fit your Sharan as we don't know the exact dimensions to recommend anything in particular. If you want to look at Bluetooth-compatible car stereos, Halfords offer a fair few and they're rated by customers so you can see which ones are more popular: www.halfords.com/technology/car-audio/car-stereos?...d

If you're just looking for a Bluetooth in your car, this would be our pick because you won't have to replace your stereo: amzn.to/2ZoKIsd
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