What dash cam do you suggest?

I want to fit a dash cam - what do you suggest?
We'd recommend the Nextbase 322GW. It offers GPS and WiFi (that's the GW in the name), as well as Nextbase Emergency Response. It's the cheapest GW model in the newest Nextbase range, at around £90, and is also compatible with a polarising filter (to reduce glare in the footage) that you can buy extra and rear camera modules - which there are three of in the range at about £50 each. We're in the process of reviewing the 322GW, but it's fairly similar to the 422GW (it just doesn't offer as high footage quality or have in-built Alexa). Our Nextbase 422GW review (including front and rear footage) is here - just bear in mind that the footage quality will be a bit lower on the 322GW: kit.honestjohn.co.uk/reviews/review-nextbase-422gw/

You can buy the 322GW here: amzn.to/2qskGbp
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