What 3 tonne trolley jack do you recommend?

Is the Sealey Trolley Jack 3010CX man enough to lift a Nissan X-Trail and would I have to buy an extra pair of axle stands? I am thinking of buying all these items for my 16-year-old grandson who is doing up an old Polo but would also like to service his mother's X-Trail. Would I also need to buy the rubber pads that everyone seems to mention. Or, what 3 tonne trolley jack would you recommend aside from the Sealey but in approximately the same price range.
The description notes that the Sealey Trolley Jack 3010CX can handle 3000kg per stand and it comes supplied with a pair of axle stands. The Sealey trolley jack with the supplied stands should be more than enough for the X-Trail considering the gross vehicle weight is only a little over 2000kg: amzn.to/35Lfcrd

Also, yes to the rubber pads. These ones are well-rated: amzn.to/2q2ISRo
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