Group 0+/1 Child Car Seat of the Year shortlist

There are a lot of great Group 0+/1 child car seats on the market, but knowing which ones offer the best safety, versatility and ease of fitting is tough. That's why we've picked our favourite five to make narrowing down your choice easier.

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Cybex Sirona S i-Size

The Sirona S is one of several 360 swivelling car seats, designed to make getting your little one in an out of the seat much easier. Tipping the scales at 15kg it's not the kind of seat you want to be moving between cars regularly, but the quality of the Cybex Sirona S shines through with the impeccable build quality and a lovely finish to the material. The independent Isofix arms make it easier to fit than many, too, while we like the softness of the material and the double seatbelt covers.

Our only real criticism is that the swivel action could be smoother and simpler, not helped by the fact you have to move it into its most upright position first. But that's a very small issue. With a price tag that's less than the Nuna REBL and Maxi-Cosi AxissFix, the Sirona S is a good investment and one that's easy to recommend.

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Joie Stages

At £300 the Joie Stages may be at the expensive end of car seats, but the fact it works from birth right up to 7-years-old makes it unique. Essentially it means you can buy one seat when your little one is born and not have to worry about replacing it until they are 25kg in weight. Most others will only go from birth to four years.

It also feels a high-quality product that will last with hardwearing material and robust plastics used in the seat shell and the base. Once fitted to Isofix mounts it's sturdy too with no movement or rattles once you're on the go. True, the recline handle could be easier to release, but this is a very minor criticism of what is an excellent seat and one that's very easy to recommend as a long term investment. 

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Britax Romer Dualfix M i-size

The Britax Römer Dualfix i-size is a significant investment, but you get a serious seat for that money and one that will see you through the first few years of a child’s life. With an 18kg limit, it should be around four years. With all the latest safety kit, including an adjustable rebound bar, you’d be hard pushed to find a seat that is better equipped than the Römer Dualfix.

The sheer size of the seat means it is worth checking the dimensions against the space available in your car – it fitted well enough in a 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan and a larger people carrier, but it might be tight in smaller cars. This is the case with many seats, though. If you don’t need to swap it between different cars on a regular basis then this is a fantastically user-friendly seat that is comfy for little ones.

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Nuna REBL Plus

The Nuna REBL Plus is one of the best 360 swivelling seats out there, with a premium feel running throughout, from the recline handle to the belt buckles and the seat material itself. It's also durable and feels as though it will easily last the use of several children. The good news is that at £350, the REBL Plus represents a significant saving over the latest swivelling seats from Britax and Maxi-Cosi.

While the Joie 360 Spin - a very good seat - is cheaper, the REBL Plus feels that bit more high quality plus you get a complete spare cover included. As a seat that will last you from birth to four years old, the Nuna REBL Plus is an excellent buy.

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Joie Spin 360

At £250 the Joie Spin 360 is great value for money. It doesn't have all the features of rivals, for instance there,'s no rebound bar, but the seat itself has a top quality and, more importantly, sturdy feel to it. The fact it's a bit lighter means it's easier to move between cars, although like most of these swivelling seats, it's not something you'll want to keep doing as getting any seat into Isofix points can be fiddly.

It looks even more seat for your money when you take into account the fact it can be used from birth until around four-years-old, although it's always best to go on the 18kg weight limit as age is always just a guideline. The easy swivelling action, sturdy handles and metal seat belt buckle give the Joie a reassuringly quality and safe feel. It's no budget model either with plenty of features like a ventilated base and plenty of recline position.

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