Top 15: Must-have kit for the classic car owner

If you’re looking to improve your collection of tools – or even starting from scratch equipping your garage or workshop with the kind of things you’re sure to need at some point – we've got together fifteen different products that we think are indispensable.

There are others you might consider, of course; but we reckon any (or all) of these items make a great starting point for today’s DIY-minded old-car owner. So let us know which items you’ve already bought and which you’d recommend the most. Now then… time to get your hands dirty. 

By Paul Guinness, Contributor


Tool Chest Kit

Any hands-on classic enthusiast needs a decent tool kit and storage. You can, of course, gradually collect bits and pieces as you go along, or you could simply spend £232 on this comprehensive kit from Draper. The six-drawer chest contains everything you need to get started, including an adjustable wrench, spanner and socket sets, a crimping tool kit, a mechanic’s bit set, a rubber mallet … oh, you get the idea from the photograph. Go to to order yours.