I don't have much windscreen space, can you suggest a small dash cam?

You've got some great information on dashcams, however, I'm after a specific sort. I have a Fiat 124 Spider and so there's not much room in there and I don't want to block any of my vision. Therefore, I'm looking for a dashcam that fits over/replaces the rear view mirror with mirror and dashcam screen combined. I have seen a couple, but they look big and would look out of place. Regardless of size, are you able to recommend any?
Interesting question. We haven't reviewed any mirror dash cams because the one we did try actually required the rear light cluster of one of our car to be removed in order for the wiring of the camera that sits under the licence plate to go through the light. This was a no-go for a few reasons, but because of that, we'd be wary to recommend anything we haven't tested ourselves. However, we'd suggest the Garmin Mini dash cam. It's very small - key sized - and sits right behind the rearview mirror so you won't lose any space on the windscreen to it. We have a review of the Garmin Mini dash camera on Honest John Kit: kit.honestjohn.co.uk/reviews/review-garmin-mini/
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