Top 10: Best axle stands 2023

Working underneath a car is never a particularly pleasant experience, even at the best of times. In order to help you quickly narrow down your options, here are ten of the best axle stands on the market.

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Silverline 3 Tonne Axle Stands

If you’re not looking to spend a fortune then these Silverline axle stands are a great option. Despite being inexpensive they’re rated to a substantial three tonnes, while their ratcheting mechanism makes them quick to install or remove.

Keep an eye out for deals and you may well be able to get a set of four for £40, allowing you to safely support an entire car on axle stands alone – which could be ideal for those with long-term projects. They benefit from a lifetime warranty, too, if you register online.

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Silverline Axle Stand Set 2pce 3 Tonne (763620)


Vigor V2477 3 Tonne Axle Stands

Many cars have jacking points with sill seams running through them; use a conventional jack or stand on these points and you’ll often flatten the seam, which can damage the paint and – besides looking ugly – cause corrosion-related issues.

These heavy-duty Vigor axle stands, however, feature rubber pads with grooves in them to protect the sill seams. They don’t have a ratcheting mechanism, though, so they’re trickier to use. A two-year warranty is standard but some suppliers do offer extensions for a small fee.

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Vigor V2477 Pair of Axle Stands 3 T 295-505 mm


Faithfull 3 Tonne Axle Stands

These three-tonne stands, like many rivals, have a ratchet-based mechanism – so, as you pull the central column upwards, it locks automatically into place. However, in order to grant additional security, these axle stands are also equipped with locking pins.

Consequently, even if the ratchet release is accidentally knocked, the axle stand won’t drop. If you’re swinging lots of stuff around under the car, such a safety feature could prove beneficial. These aren’t overly expensive, either, adding to their appeal.


Draper 30881 3 Tonne Axle Stands

These Draper axle stands, which are rated to three tonnes, are a good alternative if you can’t get hold of a set of the Silverline stands. They feature a quick and easy-to-use ratcheting mechanism and, like many alternatives, they have a shaped saddle – which will support what you’re working on more securely.

Draper also do a line of jacks and wheel chocks, like Silverline, so you can get all your lifting gear from one brand.

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Draper 30881 Ratcheting Axle Stand, 3 Tonne Capacity, 34mm x 90mm Saddle, Pair


AllRight 2 Tonne Axle Stands

If affordability is key then these AllRight-branded axle stands could be just the ticket, particularly if you’ve only light-duty use in mind. They’re rated to two tonnes and, like the more expensive offerings, have a straightforward ratcheting mechanism.

Each can extend to a maximum of 430mm which is on a par with some of the costlier alternatives, too, and the saddle is shaped to offer improved location on axle housings and the like.

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Sealey AS2000F 2 Tonne Axle Stands

If you travel with your tools occasionally, or don’t have much space in your garage, bulky axle stands can be a problem. Fortunately, stands such as these Sealey ones fold up so they can be easily stored.

They’re also rated to two tonnes, and have a shaped saddle, but they do rely on a more fiddly pin-based securing system for the central column – which is one of the reasons that they’re so affordable. A 12-month warranty is standard.

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Sealey As2000F Axle Stands 2Tonne Cap Per Stand 4Tonne Per Pair Tuv/Gs


Amazon Basics 1.8 Tonne Axle Stands

Amazon offers many household items and tools that are sold under its own ‘AmazonBasics’ brand and, in many a case, they’re perfectly serviceable and stout. These axle stands are a prime example of what’s on offer; they’re rated to 1.8 tonnes, feature a simple and safe ratcheting mechanism and a shaped saddle.

They also come with a two-year warranty and are often offered for less than £20. Consequently, if you need an inexpensive set of axle stands, these could be perfect.


Vigor V2648 6 Tonne Axle Stands

If you work on heavy vehicles then you’ll want to consider a set of axle stands such as these Vigor V2477s. They’re rated to an impressive six tonnes and, like the smaller Vigors, they also have protective rubber saddles that can accommodate axles, flat surfaces or sill seams without damaging them.

They have a maximum height of 575mm, too, so should create adequate clearance. A two-year warranty is standard but extended warranties are sometimes available.


AmazonBasics 5.4 Tonne Axle Stands

If the heavy-duty Vigor axle stands are a bit expensive then you could consider Amazon’s own-brand offering. These stands are rated to a lower 5.4 tonnes but that should still be plenty for most – and their low price means buying four, to support a project car or similar, won’t cost an excessive amount.

They have a ratcheting mechanism for minimal fuss, too, while the shaped saddle should securely locate against most surfaces. A two-year Amazon warranty is standard.


SGS Engineering 2 Tonne Jack & Axle Stands

Those seeking affordable garage equipment should have a look at that offered by SGS Engineering. Case in point: this inexpensive package deal includes a low-profile jack and four two-tonne axle stands.

Like the Faithfull stands, they also have both a ratchet and a locking pin – making them safer than some alternatives. Check out the direct price from SGS, though, just in case it’s cheaper. In either case, a two-year warranty is standard.

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