Top 10: Cheapest corded lawnmowers

A corded lawnmower is ideal if you’ve got a small garden. For starters, they’re very affordable – often undercutting petrol or battery-powered mowers by a considerable amount.

They’re also quiet and easy to use, as you’ve only got to plug them into a socket and you’re ready to cut. Maintenance is minimal too, making them even easier to live with. To help you narrow down your choices, here are ten of the cheapest available.


Sovereign 1000W 32cm Push Mower

Don’t want to spend much? Then this Sovereign lawn mower could be just the ticket. It’s a compact mower, best suited to small and medium-sized gardens, and it has a simple three-step height adjustment that ranges from 25mm to 65mm.

The grass collection bag is quite small at just 25 litres but, on the plus side, it comes with a mains cable that's a useful ten metres long. It even has a two-year guarantee, boosting peace of mind.


Qualcast 1200W 32cm Push Mower

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a mains-powered lawn mower from a recognised brand, as this Qualcast proves. It features a more powerful 1200W motor, making it capable of dealing with thicker grass, while its compact size makes it ideal for smaller gardens.

It has a larger 30-litre grassbox, too, so you won’t be emptying it as often as the Sovereign – and it’s also slightly lighter. A two-year guarantee is standard.


Flymo Chevron 1200W 32cm Push Mower

This neat little Flymo lawnmower has a 32cm cut, a stout 1200W motor and a 29-litre grassbox. You might, as a result, wonder why it’s more expensive than the Qualcast.

The main reason for the premium, besides its more upmarket finish, is because it has an integrated rear roller. This results in a neat striped cut and makes it far easier to mow over the edges of borders. It only comes with a 12-month warranty, though.

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Flymo Chevron 32V Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower, 1200 W, Cutting Width 32 cm


Qualcast 400W 32cm Push Cylinder Mower

Those seeking a quality finish to their lawn should consider a cylinder mower. You’ll need short grass and level ground to get the best out of them but little else can deliver such a neat, smart cut.

This compact 400W Qualcast has a 32cm cut, a 23-litre grassbox and a mains cable that's 12 metres long. Its cutting height can be adjusted up to 45mm and, usefully, it’s compact and easy to store. A two-year warranty is standard.


Spear & Jackson 1200W 32cm Push Mower

This mower offers lots of features in a sensibly priced package. It has a 1200W motor, a 32cm blade, five cutting heights, a maximum cutting height of 60mm and a 30-litre grass bag.

Lending it further appeal is its integrated rear roller, which delivers a neat striped finish, and a mains cable that's 12 metres long. A soft-grip handle means it’s more comfortable to use, too. Unlike many alternatives, it also comes with a three-year warranty.

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Flymo Hovervac 280 1300W 28cm Hover Mower

If you’re looking for a mower that’s really easy to use, you might want to consider a hover mower. These simply glide over the grass and, because they have no wheels, they’re far easier to manoeuvre.

This Flymo Hovervac has a 28cm cutting width, so it’s best suited to smaller gardens, and a 20-litre grassbox. It has a maximum cutting height of just 30mm, though, so it's best reserved for use on short grass.


VonHaus 1600W 36cm Push Mower

This VonHaus mower is a great choice for those with larger gardens or taller grass. It has a powerful 1600W motor, a comparatively wide 36cm cutting width and a maximum cutting height of 72mm. As a result, it shouldn't struggle when dealing with rougher gardens.

It also has a big 50-litre grass bag, so you shouldn’t have to empty it too often. Like the Spear & Jackson, it has a soft-grip handlebar for improved comfort. A two-year warranty is standard.


Black & Decker 550W 30cm Strimmer with Mower Deck

If you’ve a rough patch of grass that you need to keep in check, and you also need a strimmer for edging as well, this could fulfil both requirements. It’s a 550W corded strimmer which simply clips into a mower deck, making it easier to use over wider areas.

When you’re done hacking the bulk of the grass down, you unclip the strimmer and set to work on the edges. Don’t expect a terrifically neat finish from the 'mower' mode, though.

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BLACK + DECKER BESTA530CM-GB 3 in 1 Strimmer, 550 W, 240 V, Black, 30 cm, Set of 2 Piece


Flymo TurboLite 330 1150W 33cm Hover Mower

Like the idea of a hover mower but don’t fancy dealing with clippings, or need something a little more heavy-duty? This Flymo Turbolite 330 could fit the bill. It doesn’t have a grass collection system, making it lighter and meaning it never needs emptying.

It also packs a 1150W motor, so it should cope well with thicker grass and, because it hovers, it can tackle rough ground with ease. Prices for these vary, though, so shop around for the best deal.


Bosch Rotak 34R 1300W 34cm

This Bosch isn’t cheap but it justifies its premium. It has a 1300W motor, a 34cm cutting width, a maximum cutting height of 70mm and a 40-litre grassbox.

You’ve no doubt also spotted the ‘grass combs’ on the deck, which help the mower trim edges more neatly – reducing the amount of strimming you have to do afterwards. Other neat features include double-folding handles, making it easy to store, and a long three-year warranty. A smaller and less costly version, called the 32R, is also available.

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Bosch Home and Garden Rotak 34R Electric Lawnmower (1300 W, Cutting width: 34 cm, 20-70 mm adjustable cutting height, In carton packaging)


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