Top 10: Best petrol lawnmowers 2023

If you’ve a larger lawn, or of you don’t want to deal with batteries or cables, then you’ll need to opt for a petrol mower. They might be a little harder to maintain, and noisier, but it’s far quicker and easier to cut a large lawn with a petrol mower than it is a cabled or battery-powered one. Here are ten of the best petrol mowers available.

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Honda IZY HRD 466 SK 160cc 46cm Self-propelled Mower

If you’re looking for a robust, straightforward mower then a Honda should be at the top of your list. Its easy-to-use IZY range, for example, benefits from features such as a tough powder-coated steel deck.

This 466 variant has a 46cm cutting width, a large 55-litre grass bag and a 20-74mm cutting height adjustment. Domestic customers also get a five-year warranty, provided the mower is serviced annually. As a result, major problems should be rare.


Mountfield SPS535HW 160cc 53cm Self-propelled Mower

A mower with a bigger deck and wider blade can save you time by cutting more grass on each pass. This Mountfield is consequently a great option, if you have a larger garden, as it blends good features – such as a 53cm cutting width, a steel deck and a stout engine – with a sensible price and a five-year warranty.

Its big wheels make it ideal for rougher gardens, too, but its size can make it harder to manoeuvre.


Hyundai HYM510SPE 173cc 51cm Self-propelled Mower

This Hyundai mower offers a vast array of features in an affordable package. It has a 51cm cutting width, an electric starting system, a 70-litre grass bag and a cutting height adjustment that ranges from 25-75mm.

You can pick from rear, side, collector or mulching discharge modes, too – the latter of which drops finely chopped clippings back into the grass, which supply it with nutrients to boost its health. A three-year warranty is also included.


Mountfield 464 TR-B 125cc 44cm Self-propelled Mower

If you’d like a mower that’s lighter, smaller and easier to handle, then this compact Mountfield is well worth considering. It has a 44cm cutting width and clocks in at 23kg, compared to the 30kg and up of the 53cm mowers, but it’s still self-propelled for ease of use.

It also has a cutting height that ranges from 20-70mm and a decent 55-litre grassbox. A two-year warranty is standard.


Honda HRX 537 HZ 187cc 53cm Self-propelled Mower

Looking for a range-topping, heavy-duty mower? This Honda HRX 537 HZ could be ideal. This tough mower packs a powerful 187cc engine, a 53cm cutting width, a vast 85-litre grass bag and an electric starting system.

Other advantages include a maximum cutting height of 101mm and ‘Roto-Stop’, which allows you to stop the blade but leave the engine running – which is useful if you need to move the mower across gravel. It also comes with a seven-year warranty. Smaller and roller-equipped versions are also available.

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Honda HRX 537 HZ 53cm (21"), Hydrostatic, Key Start, 4 Wheel, Self Propelled Lawnmower


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Yard Force 140cc 46cm Self-propelled Mower

This affordable Yard Force mower benefits from a wide range of features but doesn't compromise on aspects such as the warranty. It has a 46cm steel deck, a 140cc Briggs & Stratton engine, cutting height adjustment that ranges from 25-75mm and a 55-litre grass bag.

It also comes with a mulching plug, which feeds grass cuttings back into the lawn – boosting its health and meaning you don’t have to empty the bag. A two-year warranty is included.


Hyundai 88cc 40cm Push Mower

A big self-propelled mower can be a handful in smaller gardens and difficult to manoeuvre around borders and paths. Consequently, if you’re dealing with a smaller garden, a small hand-propelled mower such as this Hyundai offering could be perfect.

It weighs a comparatively light 19kg and has a 40cm deck, making it easy to handle – even in tighter spaces. It also has a height adjustment that ranges from 25-75mm, a 40-litre grass bag and a three-year warranty.


Einhell GC-PM 46 S 139cc 46cm Self-propelled Mower

This lawnmower from German manufacturer Einhell is a good choice if you’re seeking a self-propelled mower but don’t want to spend a fortune. It has a 46cm cutting width, a 50-litre grass bag, a cutting height that ranges from 30-80mm and a steel deck.

Like other basic mowers, there’s no throttle; you simply pull the cord, engage drive and off you go. A two-year warranty is also standard, granting peace of mind. It is heavier than some rivals, that said.


Flymo XL500 160cc 50.5cm Hover Mower

Tackling steep slopes and rough terrain can be tricky for conventional mowers. Fortunately, if you need to hack down grass in inaccessible spots, then this Flymo XL500 hover mower could be just the ticket. This heavy-duty offering moves around easily on a cushion of air and can safely cut grass on slopes as steep as 45 degrees.

Thanks to a powerful engine, it’ll also thrash through thick grass with ease. It only comes with a one-year warranty, though.


Hayter Harrier 48 190cc 48cm Self-propelled Roller Mower

If you want an immaculate striped finish to your lawn then you’ll want a roller mower, like this Hayter Harrier. It’s not cheap but it is a tough, well-engineered mower that should deliver a fine cut and last for years.

Highlights include a five-year warranty, a vast 70-litre grass box and an electric starting system. It is heavy, and best suited to level gardens, but its variable self-propulsion system otherwise makes it easy to use.

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