Top 10: Christmas Tree Lights

You can’t have a good Christmas tree without a suitably festive light show. Here are ten of the best Christmas tree light sets at a variety of price points.

Top 10: Christmas Trees


ANSIO Fairly Lights 50 Micro LED 5m

Sticking with battery power generally means a lower price than mains-powered alternatives, which explains why you can get 5 metres of attractive fairly lights for just £5.49. Spaced 10cm apart they give a soft white glow, and you can have a double-length version for only another £1.90.


UK Christmas World 50 Multi Colour LED Christmas Tree Lights

Another battery-powered set but with added functionality, these lights from UK Christmas World can be used outdoors as well as in for extra versatility. Despite the low cost they feature eight function settings and a timer too.

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Premier LB112382M B-O Multi Light, Multicoloured, 50 LED's


ANSIO 100 LED Warm White Tree Lights

A more expensive option from Ansio but still a sold bargain, this 100-LED set of lights is mains powered but comes with lots of additional features as a result. The lights themselves run along a 10m cable with an additional 3m of power lead, and there are eight display modes with a memory function to suit every situation as well as being suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


JnDee String Fairly Lights

The big plus with these lights from JnDee is the multitude of options available. This set has 200 LEDs on a 20-metre cable for £11.99, but you can have 200, 300, 400, 500 and even 1,000 LEDs if you want your house to look like Heathrow. Each version has eight illumination modes for maximum neighbour irritation.

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JnDee Safe Voltage 200 Bright LEDs 20M Multi Colours Christmas Fairy Lights, 8 Modes/Memory /10M Lead


ANSIO Christmas Lights 480 LED 6m

Another bargain from Ansio, this time with six metres of cable and 480 LEDs distributed amongst them, again with mains power and the option of indoor or outdoor use. There are eight modes to alter how the lights behave, and there’s also a timer function which allows eight hours on followed by 16 hours off, so you can switch on and leave them to it.

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SPARKLES 160 Multi Coloured LED Chasing Net Light

These lights from Sparkles take a slightly different approach with a netted configuration so they are easier to drap over your tree. 160 LEDs are incorporated within the cabling and there’s an illuminated star to go with it too.


BlueFire Meteor Shower Rain Lights

If you’re after something a little different for a bigger tree this year consider these ‘Meteor Shower’ lighting tubes from BlueFire. For under £25 you get ten 50cm-long tubes with 54 LEDs in each one, with a flowing sequence mimicking the effect of falling snow. An IP65 waterproof rating means you can use them outside as well as indoors too.


Premier 1,000 LED TreeBrights Cluster Christmass Tree Lights

A sound choice in terms of LEDs per pound, this set from Premier gets you 1,000 LEDs for under £40. Each LED is placed 2.5cm apart so it packs a lot of lights into the 25m cable, giving an eye-catching effect, as well as the option to choose from eight lighting modes.

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1,000 LED (25m) Premier TreeBrights Cluster Christmas Tree Lights in MultiColour


Lights4Fun 150 Traditional Multi Coloured LED Christmas Tree Lights

If tradition is your thing and you want to recall Christmasses past where you spend hours replacing bulbs then this set from Lights4Fun is just the ticket. Thankfully it’s just the design that is traditional - multi-coloured LEDs mean a choice of lighting patterns and a variety of colours, and warm white versions are available for a few pounds more.


Online Discount Store 160 LED Tree Net Christmas Light with Star

This light set from Online Discount Store goes down the netting route, and for less than £40 you get two tree nets with 160 LEDs in each. At 1.5 metres tall they will fit trees around 180-190cm (6ft) and you get an illuminating star thrown in too.

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