Top 10: Christmas Trees

Avoid being stuck with the last Christmas tree you can find by choosing from ten of the best at a range of price points.

Top 10: Christmas Tree Lights


Table Top Christmas Tree with Stand

There’s nothing wrong with a little modesty, even at Christmas, especially at this price. Whether you want a tree for your office desk or need something compact so there’s more room for presents, this 45cm-tall tree can be put together in minutes and be decorated however you want - all for a fraction over a fiver.

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Table Top Christmas Tree with Stand (45cm)


Shatchi 1.2m Christmas Tree 230

If height versus price is the key factor to choosing a tree then this offering from Shatchi is a good place to start. At 1.2 metres in height it’s big enough to offer lots of space for decoration, but not so much as it will take over your room.

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Shatchi 1.2m Christmas Tree Green 230 Pines Artificial Tree with Metal Stand


Homegear Alpine 6ft Deluxe Artificial Tree 700 Tips

Stretching six feet in height yet still coming in at under £15, this tree from Homegear keeps things nice and simple. It’s over three feet in width and has 700 tips, so there’s no shortage of space for decorations, and it goes together in a matter of minutes too.


WeRChristmas Victorian Pine

Going artificial doesn’t mean you have to forego the traditional look, as this Victorian pine from WeRChristmas shows. Currently offered with a healthy £10 discount on Amazon, this tree goes for a bushy look and has a copper-effect pot at the bottom, completing the rustic style.

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WeRChristmas Victorian Pine Christmas Tree, Green, 3 ft/ 0.9 m


SnowTime 5ft Green Pine Pencil Slim Artificial Christmas Tree

If you have a tree that needs to go in a corner but you still want plenty of height, this 5ft offering from SnowTime should fit the bill. It comes in sections so is compact but easy to put together, and the branches fold out so you get a dense area of foliage around the outside of the tree.

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HOMION 3ft Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

A low-fuss option with a big impact, this 3ft tree from Homion is neatly compact but is packed with fiber-optic LEDs that alternate between three colours, adding instant colour and skipping the need to decorate.


CosmoLiving Christmas tree

This high-quality tree from CosmoLiving comes in a choice of heights - 5ft, 6ft and a mighty 7ft - with 450 tips to 1,050 tips for the tallest option. It comes split into three sections for easy construction and there’s a two-year warranty too.


Kaemingk Imperial Pine Christmas Tree

If only the biggest will do then this appropriately-named Imperial Pine will fit the bill. Standing taller than everyone you know at 8ft (240cm), it has 980 tips so there’s plenty of space to load up with decorations and is almost 5ft diameter around the widest point.


WeRChristmas Scandinavian Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

Another full-scale offering available in 5ft, 6ft and 7ft options, this Scandinavian Blue Spruce is eye-catching straight out of the box so you can go decoration-free if you want the traditional look. It also includes pine cones and berries as well as sprinkle of artificial snow.

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WeRChristmas Scandinavian Blue Spruce Christmas Tree Includes Pine Cones and Berries with Easy Build Hinged Branches, Green, 5 feet


Homegear Deluxe 7.5ft Artificial Christmas Tree

The tallest tree in this list but still under £40, this offering from Homegear should fill any voids even if your drawing room could put Downton to shame. Thanks to its height it has 1,346 tips to hang your decorations, and of course it is fire-retardant too.

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