Top 10: Car-based Lego kits 2020

Can you ever really grow out of Lego? The short answer is no, particularly if you like cars. So if you have a child – or if you still like the reassuring feeling of clicking together bricks yourself – then you’ll appreciate our run down of 10 (loosely) car-based Lego kits. 


Technic Hot Rod

Lego likes to give its various sets codenames. This has the memorable title of 42022, not that it really matters - because look at it! It’s relatively inexpensive for a Technics kit and has plenty of neat features, including a V6 engine with moving pistons and a functional steering system.


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Lego Technic Hot Rod


Lego City High Speed Police Chase

This kit encompasses all that Lego is about – building something fairly simple and having a ton of fun playing with it. Of course – that leads on to building stuff that’s really quite complicated… This kit features two baddies on motorbikes and a policeman with his car.


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LEGO City 60042 High Speed Police Chase


Lego City Auto Transporter

For younger car-loving Lego fans the City range of products is probably the best. The kits are fairly inexpensive and aren’t too complicated, plus they’ve got a lot of play value. This set features an articulated transporter and two cars. It’s designed for children aged 5-12 (and grown-ups who like Lego).


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Lego City Great Vehicles Auto Transporter


Lego Duplo Rally Car

Being one- or two-years old means Lego is off-limits, generally – but you can’t keep the Danish brand down – they’ve come up with chunky Duplo that’s ideal for littler, less dextrous hands. This rally car kit is the perfect first Lego set, with barely any pieces to lose or attempt to eat.



Lego Technic Construction Crew

Moving up to Lego Technic is like going to big school - suddenly everything gets more serious and more difficult. This kit does a good job of bridging the gap, like induction day, thanks to the relative simplicity of the three individual models. Equally it’s a nice kit for more experienced builders who don’t want too much brain strain.


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Lego Technic Construction Crew


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Lego Mk2 Mobile Crane

Once you’ve got used to Technic then this is where you end up. With more than 2600 pieces, this kit has eight-wheel steering and a power operated crane among its features and is one of the more advanced and complicated sets on sale – but it’s also one of the most rewarding.


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Lego Technic Mobile Crane Mk II


Lego Car Repair Shop

What would a Lego list be without a healthy dose of nostalgia? This set dates back to 1985 – so good luck finding one today – and it encompasses everything that makes Lego so appealing, especially to car-lovers. It is simple enough to build quickly and fun enough to play with once it’s done.


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LEGO UK City Town Garage


Lego Police Command Base (6386)

And while we’re looking at nostalgic Lego sets – how about this? Every Lego fan had this set in the 1980s or 1990s, and even now it’s available in relatively unchanged form as part of the City range. The set is relatively basic compared to its modern equivalent – but that’s part of the appeal.


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Lego City Police Police Station


Lego boat

Okay, it’s not a car, but this simple boat kit was launched in 1997 – the same year a big container of nautical themed Lego fell off a ship in the channel and started washing up on the coast of Cornwall. Various pirate cutlasses and octopi still land on beaches all over the world. The kit itself is nice and simple – ideal for a coffee break. 


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LEGO City Speed Boat


Lego Unimog

Perhaps the ultimate kit for a petrol head, the Unimog is massively complicated with pneumatic controls and four functioning differentials. Just remember to put the centre differential in the correct way, or the wheels won’t go round. We know this from experience...


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LEGO Technic 8110 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 400