Top 10: Sat nav apps

A standalone sat nav is not without its merits but, these days they’re increasingly being left in the dust by mobile apps. Consequently, if you’ve got a GPS-equipped phone, using an app can be one of the quickest and most effective ways to get reliable, accurate route guidance. Many of the apps are also free – so you’ve no reason not to try them out. Here are ten of the best sat nav apps on the market, for both Android and iOS phones. Just remember, though, not to fiddle with them while you’re driving...


Google Maps – Free, Android/iOS

This is rightly one of the most popular apps because it’s straightforward, accurate and packed with useful features – including traffic alerts and automatic re-routing. Simply enter your destination’s postcode, or search for what you’re looking for, choose a route and go. The on-screen and spoken directions are clear, while offline map support means you don’t have to rely on a decent mobile signal. Neat touches like an automatic ‘night mode’ display add to its ease of use.



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