Are there any rearview mirror dashcams that can also act as a reversing camera?

I would like a rearview mirror dash cam, partly for discretion, partly for security (so it isn't seen as a target for thieves) and partly to minimise loss of vision, given my phone is screen mounted, but I believe these are not usually recommended? My aim is for maximum protection (everything from driving, to being parked), whether it be me, or someone else, front and rear, with the rear camera acting as a reversing camera. Is there anything that would fit the bill?
We haven't tested any mirror dash cams simply because each one we've looked into requires the rear camera to sit outside the vehicle - which means getting the rear light cluster professionally removed so the wiring can trail through it. Our advice for a front and rear dash cam would be either the Nextbase 512GWRC or the Z-Edge T4 dual dash cam, both of which we've tested and which we have linked to below. You can find footage in our reviews as well as the cheapest places to buy it currently. In terms of using a rear camera as a reverse camera, that simply won't work. The rear cam footage is shown in the corner of the dash cam, making it completely unsuitable for use as a parking camera. I'd recommend getting a proper parking camera or using something like the FenSens (review here:

Nextbase dual dash cam review:

Z-Edge T4 review:
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